Buy high quality HTML5 poker source code.

Now a days, HTML5 games are high in demand because of outstanding performance features and the most important they function with all modern browsers. As well as modern browsers such as Chrome and Firefox on desktops, you can play these games on smartphones and tablets such as iPhone and Android. Looking over open source HTML5 technology is a good way to explore various game development concepts and discover how to write your own HTML5 poker source code.

What is HTML5 poker source code?

An HTML5 poker source code has core files of a poker software built on HTML 5, Angular Js, and Node Js. It supports major available browsers including mobiles and desktop. Due to its light-weight, it has the smallest latency. Contact Pokerscript team for your HTML 5 poker app.

As a result of buying this game, HTML5 poker source code will be mounted on your webserver, but you will not be able to edit the game algorithms (which are approved and partially encrypted). Since the HTML5 code would be obfuscated, you are free to buy the HTML5 source codes if you wish to make changes to the game's graphics, audio, text, or code. Our rates are actually the lowest on the market, and HTML5 files contains far more than a standard poker website.

This HTML5 poker source code for card games were all influenced by popular gaming portals and app store hits such as Tetris, Pac-Man, Asteroids, and even Flappy Bird. HTML5 and JavaScript was used to build all of these games. A browser URL is enough to take you to the poker website where you will play your poker game via any browser, even from mobile. We are in the top poker software providers among HTML5 multi-player game development companies.

Some important features of our code required for a successful poker Site.

  • Attractive UI/UX
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Manage User
  • Game Management
  • Payment System
  • Money Deposit and Withdraw Management
  • Chips Management

The high server output in multiplayer Texas Hold’em poker space, is achieved with Java NIO Socket, running on Apache Mina. In order to handle Players/Tables/Agents/Bots/Revenues, a Web Panel is required. Web Panel is also required to control Revenue Officer Admin/Agent/Sub Agent.

Advantages of Our Poker Solution.

You can use our HTML5 poker source code as your ready product. It is also possible to enhance as per your personal requirements. So, by getting the file access to our source files, it will be easy for a developers to manage everything their own. Poker software owner can conveniently monitor their poker gaming site by having access to our poker game backend dashboard. Buying our best white label poker software has several advantages: saving time and resources while making it an ideal choice for startups and medium-sized companies. Our approach provides the following benefits.

Save time

In order to deploy your poker site easily, we supply an online poker platform which is already complete, tested and certified. There are no extra hidden costs above what you have to pay for our ready software. If you're going for marketing and promotion, you should focus there only.

As a client you will own the source code to the poker game and will be able to exert control over the game logics. Files that execute your Back end, Front end, and Game engine functionality of the poker software are also supplied to you.

Pay in Instalment

Pokerscript offers easy EMI option for clients. Final code delivery will be done after getting the 100% payment. Latest web standard makes it easy for poker developers to easily design original and dynamic HTML5 poker software compatible for all major browser. The primary benefit of HTML5 poker source code is that consumers will be able to install and enjoy the game without getting it downloaded. You do not need to install any program or download an extension in order to play; all you need to do is log into your account in your web browser. We are ok to keep 3-4 milestones which make process more easier.

Modules you will get in our poker software.

With our HTML5 poker source code you can make your poker game work on virtually on any computer, even when you're not connected to the internet. As long as you use HTML5, you will have access to all the advantages and improvements in whatever stage you're working on, with a single press.

Game Lobby

Nice designed lobby. Help players to navigate for the right table. Proper presentation about table stats, game types and player numbers.


Get chance to play on many tables same time. Just focus on tables with strong hands.


Easy to schedule the tournament events. Plan prize pools from the backend.


Well organised admin panel. Admin can manage tables, players, payout and more.

Table Chat

While gameplay, a player can do important conversation. Add social value and increase the interaction.

Agent Module

Five level agent system. Create hierarchy, manage players with personalised agent panel.


Want to target local players with local language support. Get the best whitelabel poker software which is ready for any language available on internet.

Multiple payment gateways

Support will be provided for gateway integrations. Compatible with almost all popular Payment SDKs.


Set jackpot from the back-office. Very useful for marketing and catching the player’s attention.

Cash Game

Facilitate players to follow their choice. Quick gameplay, easy cash-out and faster turnaround. High in demand in rush time.

Cross-Browser Support

Works for all browsers and nothing to install. No need to download apps, supported for mobile browsers.

You should purchase the HTML5 poker source code which includes the code documentation too. It allows you to change the graphics, sounds, and animations for the game, if you have the right programming skills for HTML5/JavaScript.

If you need any further assistance, talk to our game expert.