The HTML5 Poker game is a modern-day technological innovation primarily focused on browsers, regardless of the device, operating system, or screen resolution. It offers game operators the freedom to incorporate cryptocurrency payments with web3 support, allowing them to avoid the lengthy documentation and high processing fees associated with app stores. As a result, players can easily join poker tables using any device through modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

What is HTML5 poker source code?

An HTML5 poker source code consists of core files for poker software built using HTML5, React.js, and Node.js, which utilize major JavaScript frameworks and browser technologies. It works with a browser-first approach, enabling compatibility on any device with a web or mobile browser.

Game operators can accelerate their go live plan by utilizing the provided HTML poker source code. By downloading the code, configuring essential server settings, and personalizing the UI theme, they can promptly launch their poker software without the need to start programming from scratch.

Tech teams and poker game developers can leverage this HTML5 poker code to create a next-generation online poker software. They have the flexibility to add new features and integrate customized designs, themes, and animations that align with their business requirements and brand preferences.

The resulting software can operate seamlessly in different environments, including single-host, multi-host (VPS), cloud host, and private servers.

Benefits of HTML5 Poker Source Code: A Solution for Developers and Businesses

The HTML5 poker game source code empowers stakeholders to leverage the existing, well-tested code architecture, source files, and APIs according to their plans with ease and flexibility. This ready-to-use solution can be implemented as-is or easily modified within a short timeframe and with minimal investment.

Built for developers

This HTML5 poker source code is tailored to meet the needs of developers, providing well-maintained commented code, supporting documents, manuals, and internal code instructions.

Pre-built poker framework

The pre-built HTML5 poker framework serves as a strong foundation, equipped with readily available modules, components, and well-documented APIs. This empowers poker game developers to efficiently create engaging poker applications, tailored for various use cases and devices, in the shortest possible time.

Ready UI components

Our deliverables include Figma layered files, GIFs, and sound files that assist your team in seamlessly assembling new UI designs without any confusion. The color theme, icons, and object resolution are precisely defined in a frame-by-frame manner.

Keep you away from complexities

We have already solved the complexities such as multiplayer engine setup, runtime data management, security encryptions, and device resolutions, freeing you from the burden. The backend architecture is already designed to handle high traffic volumes and is scalable as well.

Built for business

This enterprise-ready HTML5 poker game source code, along with its poker game APIs, facilitates businesses in running online poker operations without concerns about scalability, maintenance, and reliability. It allows for seamless growth and ensures a hassle-free experience.

Focus on core business activities

Utilize your skills in acquiring business licenses, customer acquisition, and operations for profitable growth, rather than spending endless effort on product design, development, and testing basic functions. Leave the software performance and technical support to us.

Low-risk investment

Deploy your poker application with just a few thousand dollars, a choice made by hundreds of large companies. Save time and costs associated with hiring poker developers or talent, while avoiding the risk of obtaining a final product lacking in quality and performance.

Launch your MVP to secure funding faster

The HTML5 poker game source code can assist you in showcasing a product concept prototype, enabling you to present your investors with more confidence and convince them to provide funding for your future goals. As a team, we will be available to provide any kind of assistance required to conduct a live test.

Key Features of the HTML5 Poker Source Code

With expertise in online poker gaming, we have established a center of excellence to deliver custom-built poker products, whether it's a single game, multiple games, or inclusive of agent and tournament functionalities. When it comes to sales, we provide our own core copyright product source code with complete ownership transfer, compatible for on-premise or on-cloud deployment, along with 100% customization capability.

Mulitpe game varities

By default, our poker game source code includes three major player poker game varieties: Texas Hold'em Poker, Omaha Poker, and Omaha Hi-Low. However, if you require additional game varieties, we are more than capable of developing them for you. Simply let us know your specific requirements, and we will work to deliver the desired game varieties to enhance your poker platform.

Comphrensive admin

Customized admin dashboards will be provided based on specific roles to efficiently manage different game operations. These roles may include accountant, agent, director, affiliate, and partners.

Easy payment setup

The poker game source code comes pre-integrated with payment processing codes for popular providers like PayPal and Paysafe, as well as support for cryptocurrencies. You can easily replace the merchant ID and token contracts to seamlessly accept online payments directly from players.

Mulit-lingual support

English is the default language provided in our ready-to-use poker game source code. However, you have the flexibility to add support for additional languages by including language string files. This allows you to easily incorporate as many languages as needed to cater to a diverse player base.

Low Latency - Best in the Industry

Our poker game source code is renowned in the industry for its exceptional performance, boasting an average responsive time of 15 ms and minimal latency of less than 100 ms, even in the presence of unstable network connectivity.

End-to-end encryption

This poker source code follows a highly secure in-app communication infrastructure with end-to-end encryptions, including AES 256 and SSL protocols. It adheres to gambling compliance regulations and meets the standards set by RNG testing labs.

Easy Integration

The well-documented poker game API enables you to seamlessly integrate a powerful online poker game into any online portal, making it accessible across both web and mobile browsers.

Multi-platfrom Support

We strongly believe in providing multi-platform support to poker game operators, enabling them to scale their business and connect with more players. Our solution offers apps for multiple devices and operating systems, including Android, iOS, and web applications.

We hope this information has been helpful in your decision-making process. If you have any additional queries or concerns that have not been addressed, please do not hesitate to contact us through our communication channels, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or email. At Pokerscript, we are eagerly awaiting your message and are committed to fulfilling your requirements to the best of our abilities while ensuring the most cost-effective solution for you.

Why choose HTML5 Poker source code from pokerscript?

This HTML poker source code comes with built-in unmatched infrastructure performance suitable for any size app. It is developed by expert developers for developers. Leverage the high-quality code and APIs, or integrate our games into your live gaming portal. We have already solved the challenges of scalability and integrations, providing front-end components that enable you to do more of what you love.

Enterprise scalability

With numerous proven use cases for scalability, our HTML poker source code is capable of handling multiple online poker apps with over 1 million concurrent players. It guarantees an uptime of 99.98% and ensures infrastructure availability with minimal service resource requirements, including on cloud or VPS servers.

API infrastructure

Built on Node.js, MongoDB, and, we have optimized API response time to be as low as 15ms. Following the Restful API standard increases the confidence to seamlessly connect with any kind of third-party platforms without scalability issues.

Trusted for excellence

Ranked among the top poker software providers and listed in Google search engine results, this poker game source code is trusted by hundreds of teams, individuals, and more than 10 million end-users. It offers reliable scalability, regardless of demand.

Feature-rich solution

With a browser-first approach, built-in multiplayer engine, agent management, affiliate & bonus features, multi-table gaming, and blockchain support, this poker game source code offers players everything they expect from a top-quality and sophisticated online poker website.

Easily customizable

Open source files, layered Figma UI kit, professionally commented code, and guidance from the pokerscript team provide you with full-length customization capabilities to enhance brand demands and meet the specific needs of targeted players. Whether it's upgrading the UI, adding additional features, or offering more game varieties, you have the flexibility to customize the poker software according to your requirements.

Docs and APIs

With rich documentation, always up-to-date code repositories, integration manuals, and a knowledge base, we assist you with integrations and deployments. We take pride in being the first in the online poker software industry to provide such detailed documentation.

Ways to Get Started

Schedule a demo and request a comprehensive live product and code walkthrough from the pokerscript team. If you are interested in hiring them to work on custom features or have any questions, we are eager to speak with you.

We offer a range of poker software solutions tailored to different scenarios and requirements, designed to fulfill your unique business needs.


Collect your HTML5 Poker source code, deploy it on your server, and customize it by replacing the logo and banners to match your brand and go live within just 48 hours.

Poker game API integration

Obtain the Poker API and seamlessly connect it to your existing online gaming portals by following the integration instructions provided.

Hire poker game developer

Download your purchased HTML poker game source code, provide a list of features you want to add, pay for the consumed hours, and host the game on your private server.

Choose your favorite poker table theme from a selection of 20+ ready-made templates, saving you valuable time compared to starting from scratch. Pokerscript is committed to delivering HTML5 poker source code, adhering to gaming industry compliance standards, and implementing top-notch security practices without compromising on quality.

Frequently asked questions

You have questions, We have answer !

Connect with Pokerscript company, review the product demo, and make payment via bank transfer or using USDT, BTC, or ETH. Upon completion of payment, you will receive the HTML5 poker source code download link, along with the code documents, API guides, and knowledge base.

The initial price of the HTML5 poker source code starts at $20,500 USD. The cost of advanced features will vary based on the specific features requested, and it will be calculated based on the effort required at an hourly rate of $25 USD per hour.

Yes, you will have the flexibility to customize the UI themes, integrate payment gateways, and modify backend features to suit your specific needs.

In the delivery, you will receive the front-end source files built in React.js and HTML5, as well as the back-end source files built in Node.js and MongoDB. These files will be shared with you via Git or Google Drive. Additionally, the package will include Figma layered UI files containing icons, gifs, and various code documentation.

Yes, by utilizing the poker game APIs and following the integration instructions, it becomes effortless to connect the online poker game to any third-party gaming portal.

Yes, the source files, including the database, will reside on your own server.

Yes, it follows a browser-first approach, which means it is compatible with any browser, including Android and iOS platforms.