What is poker game software?

A poker game software consists of three major components like client app, backend system, and multiplayer engine. We recommend keeping your own multi-player engine instead of a third party. As a result, you will save huge recurring costs. Enquire about poker software. Chat with a poker expert.

What features are important to keep in a successful poker game software? Is there any specific precaution list which an online casino owner need to take care?

Initially, it was very difficult to run poker online . It was a game for big society. Technology now makes it available for a common man. For poker the complex part was to manage the real time data and concurrent players interactions. Due to limitation of technology we have to manage two server instance. One for Player data and other for real-time data transfer, called game engine. Now a days it is much easier to build an online poker game software by using third party solutions. Here you have to pay a fixed monthly rent which increase the operation cost and as players number increase it affect ROI a lot.

Here, Pokerscript comes into picture and offers low cost poker software for sale with all important features that is required to run a successful online poker business. We invest in R&D and always try to keep software updated with trending requirement.

Next, this is very important and basic question for a casino entrepreneur to decide the right feature set for his successful online poker game software.

Online poker business can get started with a simple interface having the user login with gameplay. It is like you are offering an online table to your players and it’s done. On the same time you have to consider that there are lots of casino business players in the market. To compete with them you have to make your poker game software up to date. Some are the important features you can go with.

Game Client Features

Game client is a software that a poker player use to get access of a poker table. These are most important features.


If you are planning to keep multiple game options, this plays very important role for user navigation. It guides players to choose the right game of his choice.

Multiple Games

In offline mode a player has to play on a single table only. In online it is easy to play games as per own choice. Keeping more games means it will increase the user base resulting the growth in ROI. Pokerscript offer Texas and Omaha with three variation of each.

Cash Games

Your poke game software must have this. It is widely accepted that it is like offline table but in online mode. Player sit on the table and win.


As per the trend in the gambling market almost all white label poker software are promoting to organise the tournaments. It increase the chance for bigger win.

Agent System

This module facilitates casino owners to distribute the risk to other connected parties. Rake sharing is the basic of this ecosystem.

Club System

This is B2B system for online poker business. Poker business owner deals with agents and dealers who will give players and make money for him.

Backend Dashboard Features

This part of software is the backbone of the whole poker game software. Casino portal owner mange everything from here. Some features are;

Active Dashboard

All-important stats and data can be found here. This is very useful for quick decisions. Data depth makes is more useful.

Game Manager

Via this the admin can create games tables. He can set different table permissions like game speed, table privacy, Buy-in etc.

Player Manager

To manage the players. This will facilitate admin for different user centric activities like, profile management (KYC), account balance, user restrictions etc.


This module facilitates admin to manage all the finical activities. Here admin can settle rake share with his agents and winners. All deposit and withdraw related actives will be managed here.


It is very important to check the business health by looking at various reports. It includes multiple reports like User report, Chip report, Cash report et.

Above mentioned features are just the high-level idea. If you want to know more about the whole poker game software, we are here to assist you. Fill the form and get the live demonstration. On request we will provide the document too.

Points need to take care during poker software selection. Hope this will enough to clear the basics.

Based on our experience, each client has his own vision of growth and execution. Here I will talk about the low budget startups. If you have good budget then it is so easy to buy a rich feature software and go for intense marketing either online or offline even with a giveaway for users to attract them. I suggest all startups to go step by step and invest their money in marketing more. Keep 30-70 ratio for budget allocation for product and marketing. As a startup, you can get help from these important points;

Flawless Core Engine

Poker is a game with pre-defined rules and flow. Around 80% startups fails as they do not have perfect gameplay software. Just for information, each poker player who is going to deposit money want zero error into this. Make sure it super perfect.

Pleasant Design

During gameplay a casino player focus on hands and pot value. It does not matter how the board is looking. A nice design always gives advantage but it must be cool for eyes. Do not keep extra fancy, keep simple and pleasant.

Zero lagging

Poker is a multi-player game. There is so much data transmission happen at the same time. A player does not know the technicality behind this. He wants the same feel as he get on casino house. A zero lagging ensure that system is secure player does not lose any hand.

Multiple device options (iOS, Android and Web)

Online poker game software success totally depends on the number of players who are going to spend their time for table hands. More hands means more rake and it result the increase in ROI. Start your poker software with as many game clients you can. I suggest you to keep for android and browser client for sure. Per user ROI is higher in Mac and iOS clients.

Our poker game software is approved by different certification bodies locally and international both. Take our ready poker solution and go live in a week. In case If you have any reference or rule and design enhancement, being a poker developer we will also get done for you. Fill the form with details, an expert from Pokerscript will guide you.

Contact us. We will deliver magic for you.