The poker solution from Pokerscript comes with unique features such as secure payment gateways, a user-friendly interface, encrypted details, and much more. We also offer custom modifications within our ready software too. It provides you the flexibility to adopt market requirement which increases the trust and addiction among players.

What is white label poker software?

White label poker software is a ready online poker software rented from a poker game development company like pokerscript which acts as a provider and rebranded as your private product. This model is called, software as a service (SaaS), and the poker software provider is responsible to provide other third-party services like hosting services, payment services as well as technical support. Poker software is typically different than regular online software like banking software, support software as well as point of sales software. It requires a gambling license, jurisdiction permissions as well as legal authority to operate online.

So, why go for white label software? The answer is very straight forward. You don't need to hire a team to develop poker software from scratch. If you are an operator, you can choose the best-matched software as per your business plan. In case you are a startup tech company, offering gambling services, there is no need to start from scratch. Take the white labeled software and rebrand it as per your customer's request.

There is another aspect about this white label service, which you can consider too. Technology evolves on regular basis, and it is very hard to update proprietary poker software. Just for an example, earlier unity 3D was very popular for making multiplayer games like poker, rummy even RPG games. For startups, it's very tedious to upload an iPhone poker application to the Apple store, because you must have a gambling license which is very costly. There is another fact that 05 years back there was no possibility to build an efficient multiplayer poker game using browser technologies like HTML5, CSS, and Javascript that could solve these app store problems. Now we have the capability to build a single software that can work for multiple platforms like iPhones, Tablets, Android phones, Windows phones as well as any desktop browsers.

This white label model gives you an opportunity, we can say flexibility to update your private poker platform with the latest technology.

What are the benefits of using white label poker software?

In the online poker business, the white label poker software model has a 74% market share. Most countries consider poker a gambling service. There are certain predefined countries that allow you to get a bank account for this. Overall it's a very time-consuming process to get your certified poker software as well as a bank account from which you can operate your online poker business. Here, this white label model helps a lot. More or less it solves each problem and it makes things easy to operate your online poker business instantly. Let me explain some of the benefits which you cannot avoid considering this white label software as your best choice.

Market-driven product.

The poker players always look for something new and interesting. It's very hard to build every thing on demand, quickly. A professional poker software provider invests a lot to add new things as well as for innovations. Their business model only works if they have a modern poker product that is going to fulfil the current trending needs. Here, the operator get benefits to offer the most latest features to their players without further development investment.

Security to the next level.

Security is the biggest concern in online poker business because you deal with real money. Some bad players try to apply shortcuts to make money by hacking, cheating.On internet you may have seen that people use different software, you may say bots to expose the table and hand cards of their opponents. By getting the white label software there is no need to worry about security as they take this very seriously.

99.9 % uptime guarantee

The online poker requires a modern, strong and secure server. In some cases the poker software provider keeps multiple servers for scalability as well as for security. To maintain the gambling regulation standards it is required to keep hot backups and data replications to resolve the disputes, if happens. We at pokerscript ensures 99.9% uptime for our white label software, by providing you a high availability server on our expense.

Multiple-payment options

Being one of the best white label poker software provider we facilitate our clients with different payment options. Our poker software is ready to accept payment via these:

  • Credit card payment
  • Net Banking
  • Cash Deposit
  • Bitcoin payment
  • Perfect Money
  • PayPal
  • Secure & encrypted transactions.

It is very important for a poker business to accept payment from global players. We have built our trust making such solution since long time. A comprehensive poker admin dashboard assists business owners in managing everything smoothly and efficiently.

24*7 Support

If you don't have a tech team to support your customers you are losing the half battle. You must resolve player’s queries instantly and accurately. The philosophy to be successful in this poker business is to have 24*7 support that each white label software's offers to their vendors. No need to pay for the shift based resource to support you, just focus on on your brand and killing marketing strategies.

Poker network access

This white label software working model also provides an option to connect your brand with their ongoing poker network. Being a vendor you have option to be as an independent poker operator or want to be a part of existing poker network. We at pokerscript gives you an opportunity to access our 80,000 players at zero investment.

Quick launch

White labelling is popular just because of time saving, where going live is so quick. Book a domain, provide the logo and you are done. Your white label software provider will handle all the technical part and most of the time you can go live within a week. Creating software from scratch may take 6 to 12 months depending on team expertise.

We at poker script, follow a well organised on boarding methodology for software launch. It is necessary to keep the proper knowledge transfer about poker admin panel as well as the user manual. As a customer you will get a complete walk-through for front-end as well as for the accountings.

Zero development and testing cost

For online poker business it is highly recommended to use a pre-tested stable poker software. Suppose a case where you have a finance related bug in your poker software. It can give you business loss as well as destroy the brand goodwill. This happens a lot when you create a software from scratch by unknown team who does not have expertise into poker development. Here, you should go for white label software which gives you peace for such scenarios. No need to go for software testing or you can say it's good to start with a stable product or not.

Minimised risk

As a business man, you will get flexibility for opt out. Suppose you have a problem and you want to quit from this online poker business. It will be a click action to cancel subscription and walk away. In gambling, such situations occurs where operator wants to rename their business and operation. You just need to change your logo and the name. Your poker software provider will update the new domain with the new branding and it's all done very quickly.

Is white label poker software profitable?

100% profitable. Success is ensured because you have to focus on your branding, marketing, and commercialisation. There is no need to think about the technicality, collect your poker players and scale it to increase profit to the next level.

Is white label poker software legal?

Of course, white label poker software is legal. Each white label provider holds a global license from a recognised gambling commission. The poker software vendor will provide you with the sub-license to operate his poker software online on your own brand.

What is the cost to get a white label poker software?

A white label poker software starts from $1,199 USD . It works on monthly subscription with GGR sharing on either betting or losing amount. Some software provider keeps a set up fee that they charge to rebrand. Overall, it will be a cheaper option with a legal authorisation.

What is poker network?

Poker network is a pool of poker players where, each player can access poker tables from different brands in the same online poker software. Generally, a licensed white label poker software provider uses different table skins and agent panels to manage his poker network. These poker networks are very much helpful for new poker brands as they can get opponent players from the pool easily.

At pokerscript, our white label software also has a very extensive agent panel which is ready to help you to create your own poker network. Our expert designing team will help you to create fresh themes that will be required to your customers or agents.

Can you customize a white label poker software?

Yes, there is a possibility to change the theme are you can see the design of your poker software. A poker software provider does not give the source files to their white label clients, it means you can't change the game logic, or anything from the backend. You can request certain features what you required for your business, or you can wait for next release.

What are the steps to go live by using a white label poker software?

Now, you may have a curious question about the steps or procedure to go live using our poker software. As a provider we have a ready road plan that is optimised for quick launch. At poker script for our white label poker software we handle every thing starting from requirement gathering to the network set up. Below are the some steps we follow regularly.

Theming (Logo & Branding)

Just after agreement sign up, we request you to provide the logo and the colour scheme. If agreed, we finished theming within a week.

Private Server Setup

A new AWS server will be configure dedicated to your poker brand with the minimum configuration of 8GB RAM, 1 TB hard disk space.

Go-Live followed by Soft-launch

For a week, a soft launch will be opened for closed groups including client and testers. Go live only after delivery approvals.

Scaling on Demand

Auto alert and daily monitoring for CPU uses, concurrent players and server loads. Auto-scaling set up as required.

Join Poker Network

After due diligence, easy to get access to our pre-built online poker network. No additional payment just a business trust is enough to be eligible for this.

What poker software to choose - a white label poker or a turnkey?

This same question arises among the lots of new poker business entrepreneurs. Which poker software package is good and why? Why should go for a white label option why not turnkey? The selection of right poker package depends on multiple factors like ownership, data security, investment plan, legal obligation and many more.

Starting with white label, it is recommended for new poker entrepreneurs who do not want to handle the development and legal aspect of it. It also favourable for individuals or companies who are interested to test the market. If you are good to get lots of players or you already having other games on your websites, this model is the best choice to start a poker site for your existing players.

In turnkey poker software, you will get the standard poker software with all features requested excluding payment gateways, hosting and on demand fresh design. This is a good option for a technical team or someone who know about the technology. If you are having expertise it into game development and want to increase your portfolio this turnkey poker software will be the right choice for you.

Features we provide in our white Label poker software.

Our software comes with modern features that are very much popular among the online gambling community. It is a full package that is ready to compete with the global brands like GGpoker, Party poker etc.

Multi-Device Support

Single poker platform compatible with devices like iPhone, iPad, android phone and tablets and desktop browsers. No limitation for having an account on Android and Apple stores.

Vertical and Landscape Tables

Can target old school customers by offering the landscape design or for new millennial favourite, a mobile-based vertical layout. Easy to switch from one to another layout.

Custom Themes

More than 40+ready table themes available. Can choose that supports your brand identity. New tables themes can be created on demand.

Turnkey Crypto Wallet

By default 1300+ crypto token supported. Highly secure encrypted wallet that can support real money as well as crypto currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, solana and even the private personal tokens.

In-depth Accounting

A comprehensive admin panel that contains detailed accounting for chips and table transactions. Various reports like table reports, daily reports, weekly reports with detailed hand history.


Regular and SNG tournament that is very popular among the players around the globe. Pre-scheduled or instant tournament, both can be configured directly from admin in a single click.

Affilate & Agent Panel

Increase your player base by offering them an event-based coupon or a joining bonus by sharing a coupon code via social networks like WhatsApp, Telegram etc. Personalise admin panel to manage your affiliates and agents.

Club Manager

Designed to support the business to business model by offering the club management software directly from the front-end. Subscription-based reporting including stats like traffic, sales record and payment transaction.

Multi-lingual Support

Text based multilingual support for both RTL and LTR languages. Support languages like English, Arabic, Mongolian, Hebrew etc.

Why you choose Pokerscript as your white label poker software development company?

As your poker software provider, PokerScript offers numerous compelling reasons to choose us. Our services begin with expert consultation, ensuring the best pricing and unparalleled support throughout the project deployment process. With a specialized focus solely on poker games, we possess a wealth of knowledge and boast a dedicated team of developers solely dedicated to poker game development. These benefits are extended to all of our valued customers.

For the past 8 years, we have been the leading provider of white label poker software, serving the gaming industry with distinction. Our impressive client roster includes major brands such as xPoker, Global Poker, Monopoly Poker, and many more, with whom we have successfully developed and launched exceptional products.

-As the sole provider of poker games, we offer both white label and buyout options for the same functional product. With the buyout option, clients can purchase the product outright after paying the product price. Furthermore, we also provide customized User Interface updates to meet our client's specific preferences.

-We are well-equipped to assist you in obtaining payment gateways, gambling licenses, bank accounts, code audit support, RNG certifications, and other essential services required for operating a successful poker game business. With established partnerships with industry-leading service providers, we serve as a one-stop solution for all your poker game business needs.

-Our game software is designed for global integration with existing casino games, game aggregators, and intermediate vendors. It seamlessly accepts third-party APIs, games, and user balance data, making for an effortless setup process.

-Should you require a new card game, we offer ample resources and bandwidth to develop it on our stable core architecture without any difficulties. The new game can be a popular game from any emerging market or your own original idea for a fresh and unique game.

Our pricing is optimized based on business performance and the number of players you can attract within the first three months. Additionally, we provide affordable tech support to ensure our clients become proficient and comfortable with the system without exceeding their budget.

White label poker software or Develop poker software from scratch?

As of 2023, there isn't anything new to innovate when it comes to popular games such as poker. Therefore, it would be more beneficial to concentrate on expanding your business and building your brand instead of investing time and resources into creating a supposedly innovative poker solution. Pursuing a lengthy and arduous process would not be the most prudent approach, especially since there are numerous providers like pokerscript who can offer similar or even superior products with minimal risk, cost, and effort.

A renowned poker technology specialist named Martin advises his clients to launch a white-label poker software with basic but essential features and a user-friendly design. According to a user behavior study from December 2022, 60-70% of online poker players became loyal customers if the user interface was modern, intuitive, and optimized for easy navigation.

The comparison between white label and scratch development relies on two basic but important questions. What is the cost difference and how much customisation is possible?

Opting for scratch development for a startup requires hiring a team of 4-6 poker developers, which can be time-consuming and costly for the development and testing phase alone, lasting at least 6-8 months. But how many startups are willing to afford such an investment?

Only a limited number of companies possess the financial resources to invest in building a fundamental poker software and can afford to allocate around 80-90k USD over several months. This is where the concept of a white-label solution comes into play. Here is a brief comparison of some critical parameters between white-label and scratch development.

Pricing Model

With white-label solutions, there is an initial one-time setup fee followed by a fixed monthly expense. However, with custom development, there are recurring monthly expenses that have no limit, which include resource salaries, infrastructure setup, maintenance, and more.

Launch Schedule

Using a white-label solution allows you to go live within just five days with instant deployment. On the other hand, developing a poker solution from scratch can take anywhere from six months to several years to achieve full functionality, assuming that your poker developers are experts in this field.

Product Features

When you opt for a white-label provider, they will be responsible for quickly customizing the software to meet your business needs. Conversely, if you choose scratch development, your team will be responsible for covering every aspect of the development process, which is only feasible if they have a deep understanding of poker game rules, terminologies, and gameplay.

Support & Maintenance

Typically, the monthly expense for white-label solutions covers maintenance, which is handled by the provider. However, with custom development, a separate recurring expense is required since you have to assign resources to handle the support.


White-label providers regularly release updates that may include new features, technology fixes, or upgrades, while scratch development would require new development and entail additional costs.

Ui Design

Both white-label and scratch development can incorporate UI updates based on the design files or references that you provide. However, in terms of time efficiency, white-label solutions are more effective since they regularly handle such activities.

My opinion is in favor of white-label poker software, which is cost-efficient, requires less time, and provides an opportunity to use the expertise of a team that has been developing software for many years and for many brands. Their experience will add value in case we encounter any issues since they have already encountered and solved similar problems in the past.


Now you have enough information to decide about your working model. Maybe you look forward to having a team to build your own product but at the same time, you have to think about profit margin. Creating your own team requires an investment that is not going to guarantee the ROI. If you don't have experience before, you probably don't know what expertise is required and what kind of resources you need to build it. Using third-party white label poker software will be the right choice to get the right product with limited investment. You will get a team that will support you, as well as is ready to enhance on demand.

Frequently asked questions

You have questions, We have answer !

Yes, It is quite simple to integrate any casino game via API into the core engine, which includes various games such as slots, sports betting,online lottery and live casino games. The game providers can manage players' identities, account balances, and game histories through the shared profile and finance module. Additionally, we can also integrate our poker game into any existing online game platform through backward integration.

The client has the option to purchase a copy of the poker source code by paying the full product price, which ranges from 35,000 USD to 80,000 USD, depending on the level of customization that has been implemented. However, any previously paid GGR amount and setup fee will not be included in the product cost.

Yes, As a client, you have the option to share your own custom design theme via Figma, and the UI development team at Pokerscript will implement it for an additional cost of 25 USD per hour. However, by default, you can start with the ready-made design theme.

You can create and host an unlimited number of players, tables, and tournaments at any time, without any restrictions. The server is configured to accommodate up to 50,000 players by default, and it will auto-scale on demand.

It depends. One option is to become a sub-licensing partner and operate your business using our license, with us managing payment and legal aspects. Another option is to obtain a legal license under your own brand name. Using cryptocurrency payment options such as USDT, BTC, and ETH provides a degree of freedom as they do not require legal or licensing approval from any authority.

As an authorized partner, we have access to publicly available real money payment gateways, including Paysafe, Webpays, and Xace, as well as crypto gateways like Coingate, NowPayments, and CoinPayments. Depending on the agreement and eligibility, you have the option to select any payment gateway to accept online payments from your players.

No, The Pokerscript team will provide comprehensive technical support, including an uptime guarantee, bug fixes, and scaling planning. However, for routine operations such as customer support, admin management, and inquiry handling, you will need to appoint and manage your own resources.