What will be the total cost for a poker script for sale to start an online poker business?

Developing a poker solution is very tough to make because of complex functionality, security and load bearing capacity requirement. It can be done only if you have expert team of Coders, Server Managers, Testers and offcourse Creative Designers or you can buy a poker script for sale. A team can only work if you have a Product manager who knows all in-out of this poker game with deep experience in same domain.

What is a poker script for sale?

If a game studio offers a poker code for sale instead of engaging on a white-label model is called a poker script for sale. Not recommended for low-budget startups as it requires a good investment that increases the setup cost. Book your poker script from pokerscript. Talk to us.

The question, how much it cost for a poker script for sale depends on different factors and the business model you are going to implement. Let me explain one by one.

1) - Rental Option.

This option is good for those start-ups who are just here for short term gains. In this model you just get a mirror of Poker Solution or a poker script for sale with your branding. With this model you can get some benefits as well as need to do some compromise too.

  • Can start poker business in less investment.
  • No need to take care of Server and other technical aspect.
  • Can buy support as per your business growth.
  • Can focus on Marketing and Promotions.

  • It’s like you are living on rented home. No ownership.
  • Totally dependent on software provider.
  • Provider may have access of your player and other financial details.
  • Ready for hidden charges (Depends on Provider)

If you are planning to test your target market, adopting a poker script for sale will be best to go with. Here you have to pay a onetime non-refundable Setup fee with monthly recurring fee for hosting, support and maintenance. Some poker game developmentpoker game development providers also take share in rake or a flat fee depending on the volume commitment.

With poker software for sale you can start your online poker business just in $4,000 USD a onetime fee with a flat monthly fee of 1,000 USD. We take 10% rake share and it will be applicable for life time.

2) - Own the Code

This model is best fit for corporates and individuals who focuses on long-term business operation with their in-house control. Choosing this options means you are getting these:

  • Full raw source code files.
  • Proper Knowledge Transfer.
  • Ownership and Copyright for your personal design.
  • Capacity to edit and modify features as per your choice in future.

You will be owner of everything. All data and information will be under your control which means all of your players will be with you only. Adding new features is also possible buy setting your own team or you can hire developers who can directly work in code.

As earlier said, it’s not as easy like operating an ecommerce or food ordering website. You have to keep expert team to manage this. Here you have to focus on these;

  • Server monitoring.
  • Traffic management.
  • Customer support.
  • Payment processing.
  • Staff management.
  • Website maintenance.
  • Marketing / advertising.

Above mentioned activities are just like general online business operation what each online companies do. Just focus about your team resource with similar domain experience. Other things will be easy.

Poker script suggest to go with this model with a poker script for sale. It makes you independent and give freedom for your business strategy. Being a poker game developer we are here to help in all aspect starting from setup to go live. You can request for any kind of knowledge transfer, poker script team will be with you as per the best.

With poker script you can start your online poker business just in $ 25,000 USD only, onetime fee. We do not take any rake share and it will be applicable for life time.