The poker game holds the esteemed title of being the king among all casino games and remains the top preference for millions of players worldwide. While land-based poker possesses a unique allure, its scalability for expansion is hindered by the substantial investment required. However, thanks to modern technology, specifically poker software APIs, online poker tables can now be shared with countless players across the globe through mobile apps, desktop software, and convenient click-to-play links on any web browser.

What is poker API?

A Poker API is a collection of poker game URLs that allows connecting a gaming platform with a remotely hosted online poker game service provider, which handles the game logic, security, player data, and transactions. It acts as a layer that enables the easy setup of online poker games, lobbies, poker rooms and tournaments within your website's theme without the need for local hosting, all while retaining your own branding.

Poker game APIs are categorized as open APIs, and they operate based on a set of functions like GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, etc., where client game websites and the poker game provider exchange gaming data using HTTP protocols.

What is a Poker API provider ?

A poker API provider is a company that offers a public poker game API kit to utilize their privately hosted online poker games, tournaments, and payments infrastructure as a service on a monthly subscription basis or through profit-sharing.

Pokerscript is the leading poker software API provider, offering a wide range of online poker games, including Texas poker and Omaha poker, along with Sit & Go and MTT tournaments. Our packages include a turnkey casino portal integration, as well as other modern integrations like crypto payment setup and web3 wallet support.

What advantages can be gained from using a poker API ?

Using a online poker API means there's no need to create poker software from scratch, allowing for easy integration of poker games following your own color theme and design. With our enterprise-ready poker game API, you have the flexibility to customize them for your unique use case, all without the need to become a coding expert or invest years in development. Below are some of the listed benefits.

Expedite the launch

Set up your own poker website within a few days, ensuring top-notch performance and the capability to scale to millions with an impressive 99.98% uptime. Our poker infrastructure adheres to regulatory standards, providing you with the confidence to integrate and operate seamlessly.

Security and compliance

The core poker engine program follows industry-leading online gaming protocols and regulatory frameworks. Each in-app transaction is subjected to highly advanced encryption, making it the safest, most robust, and reliable option available.

Scalable infrastructure

Online poker API providers address core issues and involve gaming experts to build their poker game API, catering to both gaming and non-gaming developers. Each URL, library, and component is designed to solve complex scalability and game integration problems with flexible front-end components and core independent modules, empowering you to do what you love - creating an exceptional poker gaming experience.

Tutorials and supports

A poker game API package consists of video instructions, knowledge base, and various module-based documentations, which are sufficient to guide you for quick integration in real-life use cases and business needs.

Pokerscript, the best poker game API provider, is committed to providing useful code snippets, best practice guides, and open-source sample projects to assist with your online poker API integrations. We believe in developer-friendly integrations, supporting various programming languages and frameworks to achieve your business logic precisely as per your needs.

Feel free to discuss your specific use case with us, and together, we can plan the best approach.

What are the different Poker APIs, and how do they contribute to poker game development ?

Pokerscript, as a poker API provider, follow the standard flow and setup to deliver a self-managed API ecosystem. Poker is a complex game that relies on real-time data transactions, making it challenging to keep modules completely separated due to inherent dependencies. However, thanks to micro-service architecture, we have achieved almost independent poker software API groups, each designed to handle activities separately. Here is the list of poker game APIs required for your poker game integrations.

Users API

These poker game APIs are designed to efficiently manage a diverse range of users, such as players, agents, affiliates, and other supporting roles. Within this API group, the following activities are effectively handled.

  • User registration
  • Login/Signup
  • Profile managment etc.

Payments API

These APIs enable seamless payment processing through a smooth checkout process. You are capable of connecting to a wide range of payment options, including real money gateways, crypto payments, and cash settlements. In this API group, the following tasks are managed.

  • Buy chips
  • Online deposit
  • Automated cashout
  • Cash sattlements etc.

Poker Lobby API

The lobby APIs are responsible for managing the poker UI kit and determining its visibility on target websites. They provide the ability to customize various UI aspects, including screen size, color themes, fonts, and more. here you can handle the following activities.

  • Screen layout
  • Color and theming
  • UI components etc.

Poker Games API

This API group provides developers with the tools to efficiently manage various game types, implement game filters, and create game listings. In this section, the following activities are handled.

  • Game listings
  • Game filters etc.

Poker Rooms API

A comprehensive API group that handles various aspects such as poker tables, game types, tournament types, player, in-game chats, and betting collectively. It covers the following activities.

  • Manage poker rooms
  • Gamplay layout
  • Other activities like, chat, settings etc.

Poker Table API

The table APIs enable you to manage various operations, including table orientation, player seating arrangements, card animations, table sounds, betting mechanics, and game controllers. Below are some of the listed operations.

  • Table orientation
  • Cards placements
  • Sounds and animations
  • Plaer and dealer arrangements etc.

Poker Tournaments API

The poker tournament API offers developers access to a range of functionalities for defining prize pools, setting up tournaments, managing registrations, handling leaderboards, and facilitating payouts. Below are some key functionalities provided by the API.

  • Tournament listings
  • Tournament filters etc.

Agents API

The Poker Agent API provides developers access to a variety of functions, such as agent registration, commission management, player tagging, and payouts. The following activities are listed as part of its capabilities.

  • Agent registration
  • Payout management
  • Players tagging etc.

Affiliate API

The Poker Affiliate API enables operators to expand their reach by creating affiliated links, offering signup bonuses, special promotions, and facilitating payouts. With this API group, the following tasks are accomplished.

  • Affiliate registration
  • Referral tracking
  • Payout management etc.

Reports API

The Reports API empowers developers to generate a diverse range of insights and analytics concerning games, players, finances, and users. Obtaining these reports is made easy through the use of dynamic parameters.

  • Gameplay reports
  • Tournament reports
  • Chips report
  • Deposit report
  • Cashout report
  • Agent payout report
  • Affiliate payout report

As a poker game development company, we take pride in being a professional poker API provider with a commitment to maintaining a well-documented poker game API listing, clearly defined endpoints, and an up-to-date codebase. For more insights and information, feel free to contact us and book an API walkthrough meeting today.

How to use Poker API ?

We, at pokerscript, are working hard to disrupt the online poker software market by providing a robust poker game API that supports major frontend frameworks like React JS, Vue JS, and Angular JS. With our online poker software API kit, poker game integrations have become easier and faster than ever before. As a poker developer, all it takes is to follow these 3 steps to go live.

Install the UI Engine

Collect the UI kit and poker APIs for your online poker website, including dependency-handling libraries. Do not forget to follow the knowledge base instructions.

Integrate securly

Utilize the poker game API to carry out integrations for games, lobby, gameplay, and tournaments, leveraging the player data endpoints.

Run your poker website

Display the game components according to your UI layouts and align it with your business logic. Once ready, create the build and go live.

What is Poker API Integration, and how does it work?

Poker API integration is a service that involves assigning a poker developer to incorporate online poker games, connect player profiles, and set up payments within an existing gaming platform.

Mostly, such API integration works on the surface layer and does not affect the core game platform. This allows them to add as many games as they want, dedicating a subdomain or custom URL while maintaining the same color theme.

In the market, approximately 84% of public poker game APIs are REST APIs. This is due to their flexibility in connecting platforms using HTTP URLs instead of relying on XML.

Simply, a poker game API involves the following parties:

  • Target web or mobile apps with a structure designed to accept foreign APIs.
  • Remotely hosted games.
  • Defined independent game services.
  • Pre-defined data requests and schema.
  • Returning data/functions.

The way these parties are defined and clubbed together can vary from developer to developer or from one online poker integration project to another. The overall success of an online poker integration relies heavily on these components working harmoniously. Properly defining and integrating these components is crucial for a successful online poker platform.

What is the cost for poker API Integration?

The cost of poker integration starts at 10,000 USD and increases based on the complexity and the required integration time. Typically, at Pokerscript, we take around 4 weeks to complete standard poker game integrations, player connections, and online payment setup.

For web apps, it requires less effort compared to mobile apps. The effort for mobile apps, on the other hand, depends on whether we are working on the core apps or for a hybrid framework.

Each online poker integration follows a pre-built poker game framework, which is an organized code compilation that includes each game's components, such as core game logic, multiplayer functionality, Poker UI, backend, and game APIs. This framework helps developers decide the game roadmap, learn, connect, and complete poker integration with less effort and greater efficiency.

Ready to Get Started?

Our in-house workforce already has experience with hundreds of integrations, boasting a track record of presenting solutions for various casino portals. Our poker API is composed of a centralized logging structure, high availability, and an infrastructure-as-code approach, backed by extensive test coverages to ensure customers' peace of mind. For each client, we follow a dedicated processing priority with scalable testing and advanced backup support.

Start your poker website by obtaining a private access token after signing up for our gaming CRM. We are here to assist you in understanding the best solution for your specific gaming use case. Contact us anytime to learn more about our poker API.

Frequently asked questions

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Pokerscript provides top-quality poker game APIs, trusted by global enterprise gaming companies and online casinos. Complete the payment for your subscription, receive your poker game API key, and access the corresponding documentation.

Yes, our poker game API is highly flexible and can seamlessly integrate with both newly developed websites and existing platforms.

Yes, our poker game API is compatible with any operating system, device, resoulations and technology stack.

The payment API is fully configurable for online payment gateways, crypto gateways, and wallets. Our robust encryption and masking ensure the highest level of security for all transactions.

You have complete independence to set up individual games or specific tournament types. The API structure is open and can accommodate new game variants supported by its own core game engine.

Zero limitaions, Everything is carefully planned, scalable, and approved by multiple gambling jurisdictions.

Yes, Built with GDPR compliance and the most secure infrastructure, our system utilizes 256-bit SSH encryption to prioritize privacy and security.