Online poker stands as a widely favored casino game, characterized by its predefined rules and unique appeal. Developing poker software demands specific expertise due to its intricate nature, encompassing multiplayer coordination, real-time data management, security, and randomization challenges.

Pokerscript ! - Leader in Poker Game Development.

Pokerscript is a top-rated poker game development company that offers complete end-to-end solutions for online poker gaming, which includes games, backend ERP, and Poker APIs. For the past 12 years, Pokerscript has been at the forefront of the online poker business, creating business excellence through the delivery of reliable, scalable, and secure game solutions tailored for any OS, browser, and device.

Leveraging extensive expertise in the online gaming industry and the latest technological advancements, pokerscript offers customized poker solutions and products that seamlessly align with your business requirements and user demands.

What is a poker game development company?

A poker game development company is responsible for designing, programming, and maintaining a variety of poker applications, frameworks, and APIs, along with other software components catering to both businesses and consumers.

Online poker software comprises a collection of instructions or coded programs that are stored on hardware and executed as intended. Within the domain of online poker games, these games comprise three fundamental elements:

A Poker engine, (poker framework) is a multiplayer framework hosted on a server, responsible for establishing real-time socket connections to facilitate communication with cross-platform game clients.

Poker ERP, (referred to as admin dashboard) manages fundamental business operations, including player management, game configuration, scheduling of poker tournaments, financial transactions, and other necessary business utilities.

Application software, (we say poker apps) facilitates players in carrying out various activities, including playing games, making deposits, and processing withdrawals. Poker applications include web and mobile applications, as well as desktop software that can be installed on devices to facilitate online game playing.

A potential fourth category is Poker API Integration, where a privately hosted poker platform serves as a game service provider within this framework, sharing a poker ERP and employing Poker APIs to broadcast online poker games and tournaments across multiple websites.

What services does a poker game development company provide?

In the context of online poker gaming, a comprehensive range of tasks must be adeptly managed throughout the entire game development journey. The poker game development company services involve game designing, prototyping, building game programs, managing game APIs, and collaborating with various third-party stakeholders, either for game publishing or taking advantage of their services.

Among the multitude of services they provide, at their core, the following are some that are listed.

Poker Game Consultation

The poker game consultation service outlines business modeling, game offerings, player onboarding processes, operational controls, regulations, and a roadmap for feature updates. This establishes the foundational and core framework that subsequently manages business growth and scales the platform as needed.

Poker Game Prototyping

Poker game prototyping is a service that offers a minimum viable product (Poker MVP) with a streamlined design approach, aimed at validating the concept through controlled market testing. Typically, a themed poker software or a ready template with minor modifications is offered.

Full Poker Game Development

The primary focus of the poker game development company revolves around generating innovative designs, constructing poker games, integrating custom rules and features, and implementing a variety of algorithms including bot creation, RNG mechanisms, and anti-cheat programs.

Poker API Integration

Through poker API integration, you gain the ability to operate online poker games that are remotely hosted on the servers of the poker game provider, all connected seamlessly through poker APIs and endpoints. This service is highly sought-after by online casino websites, being particularly popular due to its cost-effectiveness and minimal-risk setup.

Blockchain Poker and NFT Integration

Blockchain poker refers to a decentralized poker game hosted on a blockchain network, overseeing peer-to-peer card shuffling and facilitating cryptocurrency payments. In poker, the integration of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) serves various purposes such as creating unique avatars, managing entry passes, and awarding tournament prizes.

Poker Game Re-skinning and Bug Fixes

Poker game re-skinning is a service aimed at altering the visual elements of the poker user interface while maintaining the existing features and admin dashboard unchanged. This approach offers the fastest way to deploy poker apps, requiring the lowest possible investment.

Developing a poker game demands an expert team with pertinent experience due to its inherent complexity. As highlighted by Martin Magnusek, a Pokerscript game consultant and technology blogger, it's recommended for a poker game development company to adopt a micro-service architecture and leverage cutting-edge technologies like Node.js, Websocket, Typescript, Vue.js, and React.js. This approach ensures enhanced speed, superior uptime, and the capacity to seamlessly scale for a vast player base, potentially reaching millions.

Poker development collaboration models

Technology is evolving rapidly, and when it comes to developing a poker game, finding a reliable game development company is of utmost importance. Pokerscript, a trusted poker game development company, follows different collaboration models, including full poker software development, co-development, hiring poker developers, and facilitating the establishment of white label poker software through profit-sharing arrangements.

Full poker game outsourcing

In this model, the Pokerscript team handles every aspect from conceptualization to deployment. A diverse team with specialized technical skills, including UI designers, poker game developers, game testers, and server consultants, collaborates to construct the poker software.

Poker Co-development

This approach is suitable for tech companies that subcontract core technical expertise and industry knowledge, while retaining their in-house team for less technical tasks and operational management. This distribution of tasks not only minimizes development risks but also optimizes efficiency.

White label online poker software

In this setup, a pre-developed poker game website aligned with your brand theme will be furnished and hosted on the service provider's server. This streamlined approach expedites the development process while requiring a reduced investment, making it particularly well-suited for startups aiming for swift market entry.

Hire Poker Game Developers

Enhance your team with proficient poker game developers, designers, and testers through a monthly arrangement. Enjoy total authority over task scheduling, source code, and intellectual property ownership. Regular updates and an agile approach will provide you with ongoing visibility into the continuous progress.

Our objective is to ensure the happiness, information, and satisfaction of our clients. Additionally, we accommodate short-term contracts, such as bug fixes, technical support, and UI updates, upon request. Feel free to share your preferred model with us; we're enthusiastic about discussing it further.

How much does it cost to hire a poker game development company?

For every online poker startup, the first question that usually arises is: How much does it cost to develop a poker game? Having an experienced poker development team can significantly impact product quality and reduce delivery time. The cost of poker game development varies based on platform features, UI design and animations, types of games, payment process automations, and more.

Before hiring a poker game development company, it's crucial to understand the pricing framework for your poker game development initiatives. The billing structure can vary significantly, with some companies opting for an hourly rate, while others provide a comprehensive flat fee that may also include annual support charges.

According to Circana reports, the average cost for hiring a poker game development company ranges from $8000 to $12,000 per month. On average, developer rates fluctuate between $25 to $40 USD per hour, contingent upon factors such as technology requirements and level of expertise.

Below is the rate card for the resources that are commonly required for poker game development:

Poker Game Analyst: $25 USD / Hour

Poker Game Designer: $25 USD / Hour

Front-end Poker Game Developer: $30 USD / Hour

Unity Game Developer: $30 USD / Hour

HTML5 Poker Game Developer: $30 USD / Hour

ReactJs Poker Game Developer: $30 USD / Hour

Poker Game Tester: $25 USD / Hour

If you intend to hire a team on a fixed-price model, it is advisable to present a detailed documented project scope, wireframes, and references.

Why choose pokerscript ?

With a rich experience of over 12 years, Pokerscript stands as a well-versed poker game development company in Asia, showcasing a wide-ranging proficiency in poker UI design, game setup, and the operation of diverse poker games like Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Badugi, and Shan Poker.

These compelling reasons should instill confidence in your decision to select us as your poker gaming partner.

Domain knowledge

Pokerscript has covered every poker gambling country, regulation, and jurisdiction. We specialize exclusively in poker-related services, including brand-new poker game development, poker UI updates, poker technical support, poker gambling licensing, poker RNG verifications, and more.

Pool of poker developers

Pokerscript is a company solely dedicated to poker software and tools, featuring a team of carefully selected poker developers. Our team of poker developers is well-versed in poker rules, business processes, technical implementations, and third-party requirements, ensuring minimal risk for your projects.

Decades of profound experience

Working exclusively in the poker industry for the past 12 years, we've observed technological evolution, and industry regulation shifts, and have amassed extensive knowledge about player geographical behavior and preferences. Share your idea, and we will provide you with the ideal solutions.

Lowest price guarantee

Delivering low cost poker software solutions is a core competency that distinguishes us as industry leaders. We possess the expertise to tailor solutions that align with your budgetary considerations, enabling a seamless transition to launch and subsequently fostering a collaborative partnership aimed at mutual growth.

Cleint first apporach

In our belief, the client holds the utmost importance, and prioritizing their satisfaction through effective problem-solving with cost-efficient solutions is our primary focus.Every new client represents a fresh partnership and a chance to contribute value to their business.

Pokerscript, a well-known poker game development company, offers a poker software package that starts at $10,500 USD, covering cash games, a diverse range of tournaments, globally approved payment setups, and an array of tools for both operations and marketing. Get in touch with us to schedule your personalized demo today.

The Growth of Online Poker Gaming.

As indicated by the 2023 GlobalData report, there is a presence of 1.5 billion online gamers in a market valued at $170 billion. The estimates indicate that this market is on track to reach a valuation of $237.5 billion, highlighting a worldwide growth rate of 14%.Pokerscript, a data-driven poker game development company, provides a scalable poker framework designed to host both private and public poker tables and tournaments, catering to a wide range of purposes such as social gatherings, family and friends, and commercial ventures.

Complete the form, outline your project objectives, and allow us to craft a tailored solution for you.

Frequently asked questions

You have questions, We have answer !

Yes, for each paid milestone, the poker source code will be uploaded to the client's Git repository, granting them full editing access.

Yes, it is necessary to submit a separate hosting request, and our team of server experts will handle all aspects of server hosting, configurations, and deployments.

According to the 2023 trends, the best technology stack for poker game development includes React JS, along with Node.js and MongoDB. If separate mobile apps are desired, Unity3D or Cocos Creator are recommended as the top choices.

The right poker game development company should possess extensive domain experience, a profound understanding of poker legality and rules, as well as a team of expert poker developers. Furthermore, the team should have a readily available product that demonstrates their expertise.

For a poker game application, it takes only ten weeks to develop a full-fledged working app. Furthermore, our ready poker game application can swiftly go live in just five business days. For custom requests, the timeline depends on the specific features requested and the complexity involved.

The cost of poker game projects depends on the targeted devices (iOS, Android, and Browser), the selection of the tech stack (Cross-platform or Native), as well as the rights to IP and source code ownership. A white label poker setup offers a low investment approach to establishing an online poker website within a shorter time frame.

Yes, we offer a dedicated six-month period of complimentary technical support following development. Additionally, we provide the option to sign an annual maintenance contract for ongoing upkeep.