How a poker game development company select the best technology to develop an online poker solution?

If you are planning to set an Online Poker business, it is very important to use the right solution based on latest technology from reputed poker game development company. On internet there are different providers using the outdated technical stack, you have to avoid from them. The choice of technology depends on the size, scaling and targeted platform you are planning to launch.

What is a poker game development company?

A poker game development company is an organisation with multi-role developers to produce high-quality poker software. These are the types of developers who work to deliver a poker solution.

  • Game Designer
  • Animator
  • UI Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • Database Administrator

Apart from this, there are other resources that also very important too. Those resources are Game Tester and Server Administrators. Let’s discuss more about your requirement. Get in touch with us.

Earlier, it was very difficult to program a multiplayer game. Poker software developers were using ActionScript with hosted Flash Media Server for small scale games and pay enough to run the environment. The price and complexity goes up geometrically if your team planned to host the Flash Media Server (FMS) in their own environment. Over all it was costly for development as well as for operation too.

Red5 and BlazeDS are also available technologies which are free too. The main problem with this stack is that you cannot find poker game development company easily and it’s very hard to setup on a latest hosting environment. Even there is no such developer community from where you can get any help.

In current scenario there are two widely used options for backend setup what poker game development company are in practice.

Using SmartFox Server

It’s really expensive. For high traffic volume it’s not as productive as other available options. If you calculate the total investment what you pay here is very high. SmartFox and red5 both work well with Flash which is almost obsolete for now. I recommend you to use this for a turn-based game only otherwise ready to expect sluggish response between clients across the network in a real time multiplayer games.

Socket-io & Node Js

It’s totally free, open source. Great solution, not documented as organised but it’s easy to find a right poker game development company from community for any kind of help. The Socket-io library is very powerful and easy to use. It offers full stack solution to initiate the server and the same time can use Client js library for front-end. Node.js will handle the backend interface (server technology) which will be in use to route the messaged through server to get all other supported objective like user management, different kind of reporting’s, and financial transactions.

Next you have to plan for the client side. Once all backend ready you have to connect the respective APIs to make client application.

Native Approach

Can use the Native technology for iOS and Android using the core poker game development environment. This is costly and time taking. Also, you have to put additional effort for any updates.

Only for Browser

We can leverage the HTML 5 capability by using the sockets and APIs. The advantage of HTML 5 is, mobile browser support. If you are planning to upload your apps on stores it does not help.

Hybrid Approach

I will recommend to go with this approach. Unity3D is the game engine which is capable to handle this very well. Here you have to code only once and it will give you ready built for iOS, Android and for Browser (WebGL).

As a smart poker game development company, we have to use mix of technologies. Like Unity with PWA can be a good choice. It will give you app clients as well as an app shortcut, capable to run the game on native mobile browsers.

Poker script poker game solution is developed using Unity 3D with Socket-io & Node. We as a poker game developer always try to keep operation cost minimal and on the same time high quality assured. We also provide the PWA build on client request.

Hope this paper clarifies all about the poker technology and help you to make right decision. For any further assistance you can contact us. We will enjoy to company you.