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Only $25/Hour

Only $25/Hour

Well-trained, similarly exposed pro developers deliver top-quality work at the best price. We write poker logic better than anyone.

Industry experts developer

Industry Experts Developer

Don't settle for a generic developer - go for seasoned poker developers from the same product line. Accurate, and on time.

The Right Fit, Guaranteed

The Right Fit, Guaranteed

Casinos — both large and small, or a startup we offer flexible hire poker developer options, including hourly, full-time, and part-time.

Daily Updates, Matrix Reporting

Daily Updates, Matrix Reporting

Each hours report (EHR) that includes task lists, sprint planning, and day-to-day tracking of development progress.

Your Timezone, Time Overlap

Your Timezone, Time Overlap

Round-the-clock. No matter the time zone, we guarantee a 4 hours overlap for seamless collaboration and optimal efficiency !

Only Seniors, Zero Risk

Only Seniors, Zero Risk

Senior pre-vetted poker developers who take ownership of your game products - No micromanagement needed!

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full stack poker developer

A product company offering to hire poker developer. Unusual, Why?

Our team's core expertise lies in creating top-notch online poker software, and we offer a hire poker developer service that allows game startups and online casinos to benefit from our in-depth knowledge and expertise. With our service, you can rest assured that you won't face any uncertainties that come with hiring a developer without prior poker experience.

Pokerscript — The best place to hire poker developer !

Pokerscript simplifies your hiring process by assigning you a developer from their core product team, who has experience working with a diverse range of global clients. This developer will assist you with payment gateways, RNG certification processes, legal regulations, and ongoing technology trends, integrations, and standards.

Share your poker hiring requirements with us, including the resource types, job description, necessary experience, and task list for the project. Our commitment to you is that we will provide the best-matched candidates for your needs.

Making the Difference ...

If you hire poker developers, you have the potential to save up to 50% on costs.


  • Wages
  • Hiring Cost
  • Training Cost
  • Indirect Cost (health, office, etc.)
  • Product Guarantee
  • Tools & Technology
  • Product Consultaiton
  • Scope Understanding
  • Third-party Exposure (APIs)
  • Team Backup

Regular Hire

  • $30-35 per hour
  • $2.10 per hour (@ 7%)
  • $1.50 per hour (@ 5%)
  • $12 per hour (@ 40%)
  • 50-50
  • Beginner Level
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Open to Re-hiring


  • $25 per hour
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • 100% Assurance
  • Expert Level
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes, 05 days replacement policy

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Flexible hiring model - #pokerscript


Execute ongoing support to ensure 99.99% game uptime and handle minor issues instantly. No, for tasks related to development

$499 / Month

Monthly Hiring

No contractual obligations. Flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel.


The developer is available for pre-defined tasks, such as bug fixes, minor updates, UI updates, and migration services.

$30 / Hour

20 hours a week

No contractual obligations. Flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel.



Direct reporting, regular work, monthly employment agreement where the developer works for you on a full-time basis.

$25 / Hour

40 hours a week

No contractual obligations. Flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel.

How to hire poker developer in 72 hours — 05 simple steps.

Pokerscript is the exclusive platform for hiring poker game developers who have undergone pre-vetting, technical testing, and have 100% relevance in the development of real-world card games.

Our hiring process is simple and efficient, providing a direct connection between you and our developers, with instant assessments and guaranteed quality. Our team of developers are skilled communicators who value feedback and prioritize clear reporting, resulting in a 90% client retention rate.

Step 01 - Request Us.

Get in touch with us by completing the form or through instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

Step 02 - Brief Us.

Arrange a 30-minute call to discuss your envisioned product vision, high-level scope, preferred tech stacks, and expected developer experience.

Step 03 - Shortlist the Best-fit.

Collect transparent and detailed technical profiles, including an internal evaluation and corresponding rating scores, along with a record of their technical interview.

Step 04 - Schedule Video Interview.

Conduct your own assessment sessions and schedule video calls to provide an overview of your work style, work schedule, reporting procedures, and project management tools.

Step 05 - Onboard to Start.

Once you have found the developer that you love, let us know, sign off on the task, and you'll be all set to begin.

Our hire poker developer services.

Our proficient poker development team is committed to providing exceptional services in custom poker game development, cross-platform game solutions, casino integrations, and third-party game API setup. We take pride in being one of the leading hire poker developer providers, and we consistently deliver top-quality solutions to our clients. The following are the services we offer on a regular basis.

Poker software development

It covers all aspects of poker software development, from initial scope consultation and design outlines to coding, testing, and deployment of the poker app. We differentiate ourselves from others by providing proper code documentation and utilizing code version control methodology, which ultimately adds value to the final product while minimizing risk.

Poker game integrations

The poker integration service involves utilizing game APIs and an admin dashboard to deploy hosted poker games to a third-party portal. Our approach involves adopting the design theme and user flow of the target portal, providing a seamless gaming experience that aligns with other existing games.To date, we have successfully deployed our poker software to forty casino platforms, which are currently operational and generating revenue.

Poker UI/UX design & interaction

The poker design service offers a range of features that enhance the gaming experience for users, such as a visually appealing game UI, well-crafted poker tables, and engaging animated graphics. Additionally, the service can provide popular game design clones with either pre-made or custom features. The poker theme package also includes two to three distinct variations of the lobby and poker tables, complete with standard screens and avatar images.

Hire poker game developers

By availing our services to hire poker developers, you can bring on board an experienced game developer who is proficient in working on similar projects and implementing similar features. This can help minimize delivery risks and increase productivity, as they are already familiar with the game logic, rules, code libraries, frameworks, and technologies involved.

White label poker software

The white label poker software service encompasses sub-licensing, branding customization, theme implementation, domain integration, and essential poker game features. It also includes an extensive admin dashboard for efficient management of games, users, payments, discounts, and affiliates. The software is regularly updated to align with the latest industry trends and requirements, ensuring a modern and up-to-date setup for your use.

Web3.0 poker setup and integrations

In web3.0 poker service, we take advantage of decentralized technology to connect with wallets like Metamask, and uses stable coins as the currency for the game. We use a React.js model that allows us to connect with any blockchain, whether it's public or private, and even with your own created cryptocurrency tokens. Our auto-executing smart contract handles deposits and withdrawals, ensuring full automation that results in zero human error and great efficiency.

What is the required skill set for a poker developer?

The probability of finding a poker developer with the complete skill set to independently deliver a functioning game is very low. Proficiency in a particular programming language cannot guarantee that a developer will be a good game developer. Developers must have knowledge about core gameplay, multiplayer integration, rules, trending features, in-demand user experience, and animations. Our in-house developers have an extensive knowledge base that enables them to develop high-quality, scalable poker solutions.

Expert in game concepts

t's crucial that a poker game developer has prior experience or has played the game before, as each game is unique. Before hiring a poker developer, it's highly advised to verify their understanding of the core game principles and concepts, such as:

  • -Understanding of how to play poker
  • -Familiarity with the betting process
  • -Knowledge of table activities
  • -Awareness of winning card combinations
  • -Familiarity with different types of tournaments and prize distribution
  • -Ability to configure multiplayer settings
Familiar about multiplayer frameworks

During a game of poker, players engage with each other in real-time, with data being transferred in mere milliseconds. This is commonly referred to as a multi-player setup. However, it is important to note that approximately 90% of developers do not have prior experience with the necessary connection protocols, threads, and sockets involved in this type of setup. Ensure that your developer is familiar with anyone from these;

  • -Gamesparks (supported by Amazon) - Paid
  • -PlayFab (platform-as-a-services) - Paid
  • -Photon (in-built load balancing) - Paid
  • -Firebase (supported by Google) - Paid
  • -Custom Framework built by pokerscript (curated in-house) - Free
Knowledge of front-end programming

Online poker games are accessible through web browsers and mobile apps, where user activities occur. Front-end applications for these games can be built using various technologies, including HTML5, X-code, or Android Studio for native platforms, or efficient cross-platform tools like Unity 3D or Cocos Creator. It's important that your assigned poker developer is proficient in at least one of these technologies, as well as various API protocols and third-party integrations. These are just a few examples of the front-end technologies available for your poker game.

  • -React Js & Vue Js, HTML5 etc.
  • -Android studio and Xcode (native)
  • -Unity 3D (subscription)
  • -Cocos Creator (open-source)
Expert in back-end programming

The fundamental logic of the poker game is located in the backend, which we suggest using Node.js or Java as your preferred programming language. As previously mentioned, the assigned developer will configure the multiplayer setup too. It's essential that the developer possesses expertise in algorithm modelling, data security, API documentation, encryption/decryption, and other relevant skills. For databases, you have various options available such as MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL.The poker backend developer must be proficient in at least one of the programming languages listed.

  • -Node Js
  • -Java
  • -MongoDB, MySQL or PostgreSQL

To create a successful online poker game, a diverse set of technical skills is necessary, including the ability to set up version control systems such as GitHub or Bitbucket for implementing continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) within code repositories. At Pokerscript, our hire poker developer service offers you a professionally trained and experienced developer who possesses extensive knowledge of game concepts, poker frameworks, multiplayer configurations, and, of course, your preferred programming languages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, We have answer !

At pokerscript, the process for hiring resources is efficient, risk-free, and can be completed within 24 hours. Every developer recommended for evaluation has already gone through a rigorous three-level assessment process, including communication and technical skills. As a client, you only need to focus on evaluating your own compatibility and work dynamics with the specific developer.

How to hire poker Developer - Pokerscript

  • -Share the task list for your game product, provide a brief about the vision, goal, and technological requirements.
  • -Gather the top 3 CVs from experienced game developers who match your project's needs.
  • -Conduct interviews, discussions, and testing task assessments to evaluate the candidates' skills and fit for your project.
  • -Select the best-suited developer for your project and proceed with the collaboration.

This process guarantees that the selected developer will be the best fit for the project, regardless of whether they are part-time, full-time, or temporary hires.

To hire a senior independent poker developer with 6-7 years of experience, the cost would be approximately $25 - $30 USD per hour. If hired on a monthly basis, the estimated cost would be around $3,000 USD - $3,500 USD assuming that the developer works for a minimum of 160 hours per month, 5 days a week. In poker game development, there are other resources that are required, and the following is a tentative rate list.

How to hire poker Developer - Pokerscript

  • -Game Designer: $15 - $18 USD per hour
  • -Game Animator: $25 - $30 USD per hour
  • -Game Tester: $12 - $15 USD per hour

In general, the development of a poker software requires around 4-5 months with an expert agile team consisting of developers, designers, testers, and game analysts. Based on the standard rates provided earlier, the cost of poker software development can vary from $25,000 USD to $95,000 USD depending on the games varieties, features, certifications and security setups that are required.

The cost of using a white label poker software can vary depending on the provider and the features included. However, it's possible to find solutions that start from around $2,000 USD per month.

The field of game development is vast, with a wide range of technologies, frameworks, and algorithms that are critical for scalability and success. In poker development, industry experience is essential for many reasons.

Firstly, as a popular game, the poker industry is highly competitive. Our hire poker developer service provides a developer who understands the industry's trends, challenges, and opportunities, which is a must-have qualification for delivering a successful platform.

Secondly, an experienced poker developer has an in-depth understanding of the mechanics, rules, and regulations of the game, resulting in an engaging and realistic online poker user experience. They don't need to be taught about different poker variations - just name it, and they can get it done for you.

Thirdly, past experience can help avoid potential issues before they arise, which new developers may not be able to anticipate. This can save you from paying for mistakes, reworks, and ultimately, costly delays.

Overall, hiring an experienced poker developer saves time, cost, and personal effort that may otherwise be needed to explain things to an unknown developer.

It is strongly advised to select a poker development company that meets the following criteria:

  • -Possesses core expertise in card game development, specifically in poker
  • -Employs poker developers with a minimum of 5+ years of experience in game development
  • -Has a team of at least 40+ developers for adequate support
  • -Has at least 20-30 live clients using their product
  • -Offers a working similar product with 60-70% matching with your expected list of features

By assessing the company based on these parameters, it can be deemed safe to hire a poker developer from the firm.

Yes, you will have complete ownership of the product, source code, and artwork produced by the developer. The intellectual property (IP) rights will be transferred to you, as you have paid for the work.

Numerous technologies are available to develop an effective poker software, and the optimal selection hinges on several factors such as the desired outcome, developmental cost, future planning, and the platforms to be targeted, such as web or mobile-first, or catering to iOS and Android.

When it comes to front-end development, two viable options are available for creating a poker game: React.js with HTML5 and Unity 3D. React.js provides greater flexibility for developing a lightweight game, which can incorporate blockchain implementation with ease, which is harder to achieve with Unity 3D or Cocos Creator. In contrast, Unity 3D and Cocos Creator can manage a single codebase that can generate builds for web, iOS, Android, and produce installable exe and dmg files for desktops.

The optimal technology combination for the back-end is Node.js with Socket.io, which effectively handles the real-time data transactions of a poker game. For the database, Redis and Mongo DB are the preferred options, which are highly recommended for such solutions. Amazon Web Server is a useful hosting option for any poker software, particularly those that experience millions of transactions simultaneously.

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At Pokerscript, we provide our clients with high-quality poker script and active assistance in hiring expert poker developers, designers, and other resources who play important roles in the development of a poker product. When we say hire poker developer, we mean onboarding a specific developer who possesses in-depth knowledge about multiplayer frameworks, real-time data handling, and instant data transmission within a highly secure environment. Contact us for a consultation, and we assure you of the best possible outcome.