For a poker developer, what is the best and most secure online poker game server platform to buy?

If you do not know about the IT infrastructure about the poker development, choosing the right poker game server will be very difficult task. On internet there are lots of information and most of the time that confuse. Your server must be fast, stable with strong anti-attack capabilities. Being a leading poker developer, pokerscript is here to assist you.

What is a poker developer?

A poker developer is the same as a regular software developer. His domain expertise is gameplay rules, multiplayer setup, and high-end security protocols. Knowledge about AI and Algorithm programming makes him more valuable. Hire best poker developer from pokerscript. Email your requirement.

A stable poker game software server means better user experience, attracting more new players. This is a very big factor to keep your players with you for long time. Many start-ups keeps server selection on low priority. Do not blindly go for low price server neglecting the stability. On the same time Server support is also very important.

Security is also a factor for server reliability, particularly with gaming servers. Your best poker script and poker game server must have these basic features by default. Try to learn these from your poker developer before going online.

  • Configured firewalls.
  • DDoS protection.
  • Smooth system updates capability.
  • Optimized for load .
  • Caching tools.
  • Disaster recovery.

Start by calculating your need when it come to your poker gaming server. After all, you have to plan for your anticipated traffic. Choosing the right specification must be done on these parameters.

  • The processor.
  • Actual Speed of the server.
  • The memory (It will affects the load times).
  • Storage capacity (Must be enough).
  • Bandwidth (As per the anticipated traffic).
  • Automatic scaling configuration.
  • Automated backups.

Based on our past experience we believe that your needs will vary depending on the traffic volume, Number of games played and number of concurrent players.

There are so many credible cloud server providers such as Amazon Web Server (AWS), Alibaba cloud and Google Cloud Server. As an expert poker developer, we suggest you to choose the Amazon Web Server (AWS). AWS is well tested with our solution as well as matched with all Poker Game Business need. Here are some points you may consider.

Pay as you Go pricing.

This platform offer flexible pricing structure as per your consumptions. Means you have to pay for only what you are using. You can easily adjust storage/sever levels up or down means no over spending.


Whether you are an individual, poker app developer or enterprise level company, AWS gives the same level of “Un matched security”. By default AWS manages multiple compliance programs for their infrastructures with integrated security support network for real-time insight on suspicious activities and anticipated vulnerabilities.

Automated Scheduling for Services.

AWS has the ability to start and stop various instance as per business need. For example, you can schedule services like EC2 and RDS during your off hours or for vacation days.

Geographic Preference of your server location

AWS is a worldwide player which offers server location preference from the same dashboard. Right now they are offering approx. 44 zones within 16 Geographic regions around the globe. You can choose your server based on your time zone, legal liability and targeted market.

Disaster Recovery Facility.

Instead of keeping all precautions we have to be ready for unseen challenges. AWS make sure 99.9% uptime with Hot Standby recovery method. Within AWS we can implement right tools combinations for our disaster recovery plan. A poker developer can also use Third-party services to simplify this very easily by restoring your data for multiple regions same time.

Considering 3,000 concurrent users here is the minimum required server configuration.

  • 4 Core and 8 Thread Intel Xeon-D CPU.
  • 2TB HDD or 512 GB SSD.
  • 16GB RAM.
  • 3GHz clock speed).
  • 5TB bandwidth.
  • CentOS Operating System (Linux Server).
  • SSL certificate.
  • RAID hardware optional (recommended for huge traffic volume).

When it comes to server planning poker script a top poker game development company is here to provide best consultation always. Contact us today to discuss about your poker game server needs. We will be happy to be your personal poker developer and help you to find the best server as per your need and budget plan.