What is poker software for sale?

This is a business process to get the poker software solution from a game design company. In poker software of sale, company offers full software package with all open code files. Some companies also provide proper documentation and trainings. Right approach for big companies with good budget. Book your poker software from Pokerscript. Chat with us.

In April 2020, Word Poker Tour reported that 110 million people world-wide playing poker on regular basis. This is the organised data only. Among all Casino games, Poker is the most played game for a variety of reasons. Our poker software for sale service is ready to help to capture this huge market. Naturally, the poker rooms across the internet is growing day by day. Our poker development service is dedciated to achieve your market goal.

How online poker rooms make profit?

As poker continues to rule the gaming industry, more online casinos are offering different versions of this game with exciting rules, prize and interactions. To cater to this high profit industry, we at pokerscript are now offering everything from complete turnkey poker room to custom poker software for sale.

Let’s do some calculation.

Suppose you manage to get 200 new players every month. Keep retention rate 80%. If each player gives you a limited profit of 50 USD, even then you will make 10,000 USD the very first month. For next month, 80% of the previous month with additional 200 Players. So total generated profit is 18,000 USD. In third month, 24,400 USD. What’s more, that number is growing each month. This growth is exponential. Our poker software for sale service includes custom modifications with good level of modern enhancements.

Strong points of our poker game software.

  • Unlimited players: Excellent game engine support. Real time scaling architecture.
  • Secure: Military Grade encryption for sensitive informations. Each client connection via SSL encryption.
  • Poker Back Office: Fully featured admin panel with all essential features like user/table/payment management etc.
  • Customizable Design: Our software is 100% open with raw files. We can integrate your graphics or can design a new theme for you in a short term.
  • 100% Hassle Free Deployment: We work as your technical partner to setup the dedicated servers and transferring the software.
  • Support: Being one of the best poker software for sale provider we ensure 24*7 support to guarantee the servers are running. For only $4000 USD we will provide a dedicated poker developer support on additional development within the limit of 160 working hours per month.

Here you can also get idea about the high-level features for our Poker game software.

Game Features:
  • Tables: regular, private, VIP and Sit'n'Go
  • Waiting list, auto re-buy, sit out table options
  • Table gifts/drinks
  • Play one on one feature
  • Leaderboard
  • Leveling system
  • Achievements
  • Bonuses: daily bonus, time bonus
  • Buddies
  • Dealer and user chat
  • Clubs
  • Social features: invitations, social sharing
  • Unique design and sounds
Server Side Features:
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Multiple servers
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Socket based system
  • Protected game logic
  • Large numbers support
  • Game logging
  • IP detection
  • AI bots
  • Automatic table management
Admin Panel:
  • User management
  • User statistics
  • Content management
  • Casino management (common application settings)
  • Poker rooms settings
  • Sit'n'go tournaments settings
  • Jackpots
  • Store
  • Financial statistics and management
  • Stream emails and FB notifications
  • News, promos, chat announcements
  • Bonus links management
  • Bad words list management
  • System settings management

Our poker app development solution is a ready turnkey solution for starting your online casino business within a short notice. Our poker software for sale represents a full suit of settings and features required for successfully running your online poker software. Get the personalised software and go live in a week.

Talk to our representative, he will give you best deal ever.

Frequently asked questions

You have questions, We have answer !

How to purchase a ready poker software for sale?

Contact poker script company, go for 05 days trial, and pay in Bitcoin or via bank transfer. It is easy to integrate online poker into your casino website using our REST API documentation. Install code on your private server to operate it as a separate brand. We have two models for it.

Buy the code - In this, we transfer code ownership to you with all source files and design assets. Here, you will have your own server, which keeps all of your player's data.

Whitelabel setup- It is a rental setup, where everything will be on our server. We will replace your branding (logo, emails, certificates, etc) and make it live on your domain. Admin will be provided to manage the whole system.

Is there any poker software for sale supported with bitcoin?

B2C poker is designed to work with 50+ cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ethereum, ERC20 tokes, etc. A wallet system helps each player to make an instant deposit as well as for table betting. One-click withdrawal is the most appreciated feature we are proud of.

This software is well planned to support bitcoin, social money, real money, or even a third-party cashier system using the balance API. The dashboard provides insight views about each transaction.

What is the best poker software for sale for real money?

Pokerscript’s provides top-rated poker software for sale that supports credit cards, debit cards, and API-based bank transfers for real money. A player can deposit his balance using Visa and Master Cards in their local currency. Direct bank account withdrawal is available for KYC verified players.

USSD payment and third-party balance provider( Balance Update API) are also supported with certain limitations. Admin dashboard will provide proper financial tracking for each type of payment method.

How much does poker software for sale cost?

A quality poker software for sale cost varies from one provider to another and goes around 5,000 USD to 25,000 USD. The Whitelabel setup is more economical than purchasing the source code. A basic setup cost of around 3,000 USD is required with some monthly profit sharing. If you have enough players then it is recommended to make a maximum cap on a monthly fee.

Other expenses like third-party services, hosting, and maintenance will also be there. These are like operating cost which is required for any internet business.

Can I use poker software for sale for my poker website?

Yeah, It is highly suggested to take ready poker software for sale to set up your poker website. Save time and cost with more trust factor for stability. Even in new development, a ready poker script can save huge energy at least for core gameplay. Choose a custom development process only if you are planning to make something innovative or new.

What is the best way to find the poker software for sale?

Put the “poker software for sale” keyword in Google search and shortlist some top providers. Do not limit yourself to the first 10 links. Try to explore the next 20-30 search results. Take a demo and evaluate on price and features. Always give preference to modern technology with minimal third-party dependencies. Buy from a company that is giving more positive vibes for your soul.

Is poker software for sale worth it?

100% valuable. It saves years of time and money. Poker gameplay rules are fixed which does not change as per the time. It is waste of time and energy to do the same that is already available, tested, and working. It’s so easy to find as required with all modern features.

How the RNG works in poker software for sale?

An RNG algorithm is a mathematical calculation that works behind the code to randomize the card shuffling. In online poker software, PRNG (Pseudo RNG) generates random outputs using an initial “seed value”. The algorithm can be verified by various certification bodies like iTech Labs to ensure equal chance output for all 52 cards.