Do you need a gambling license for poker or your poker app developer handle this?

Poker is, in fact the most popular skill based card game ever. It was very uneasy for gamblers to move themselves in casino house, in the past. A lot has changed now. New era gamblers can play their favourite games, from anywhere via there mobiles and computers. If you are planning to open an online poker room it will be a hot business in near future. Hire pokerscript team as your personal poker app developer for perfect delivery.

What is a poker app developer?

It's time for mobile apps. Poker app developer writes code to build poker apps that work for mobile devices like iOS and Android. He can follow anyone's approach from Hybrid (Unity 3D) or Native (Xcode or Android Studio). Beyond this, he must also clear about the game rules, terminologies and sequences. Are you looking for best poker developer? We are here for you.

Getting a gambling license will be the first step for an online casino house. It ensures your legality and warrants you as trustworthy and commitment to a fair game operator. It also indicates about the security standard of your gaming software. Being a recognised poker app developer we are here to assist you into this.

On the other side, it also helps you to set your merchant account with any nationalised bank. Any financial house are very careful about their business partners and are always work with a company acknowledged by a regulatory body in a specific legal jurisdiction. Here are the reason behind a gambling licence.

  • To open a Merchant Account.
  • For better player conversion.
  • To affiliate with legal gaming networks.
  • To get support from Electronic Payment providers.
  • To increase the player’s loyalty and reputability.
  • To operate at the International level.

Choosing the right poker app developer also make all things easy. Team will guide you about technical part like SDK and API integration.

There are certain geographical locations in the world that have legislation in place that can allow you for gaming licence and regulate companies that operate online gambling business. In industry we call them “online gambling Jurisdictions” or “Licencing Jurisdictions”. You can contact the responsible organisation (licensing authorities) for issuing your online gambling license.

It is not as easy to get the gambling license for an individual and for a poker software development company . After putting countless effort and cost consumption it may last in several weeks to a year. There are certain primary requirements you have to full-fill for your license eligibility for a particular state of jurisdiction.

  • You have to prove Good character, Honesty and Integrity.
  • Need to submit financial detail, organizational information with its owners, partners etc.
  • Provide background history for certain individuals.

After doing all the paper work and successful license request you have to maintain their compliances with their fee as defined. Compliances are like;

  • Reporting (As per the jurisdiction rules).
  • Routine Inspection.
  • On-going Certification for new games.
  • RNG reseeding and routine certifications.

Online gambling licensing varies from country to country. Here is the list of some jurisdictions from all over the word that issue gambling licence for poker to online casinos. An experienced poker app developer understand this and can guide you properly.

  • Curacao (Netherlands Antilles).
  • Malta (First country in the European Union).
  • United Kingdom (UK Gambling Commission).
  • Gibraltar (The Gambling Ordinance).
  • Alderney (Alderney Gambling Commission).
  • Isle of Man (Online Gambling Regulation Act - 2001).
  • Estonia (Estonian gambling regulation is at the first stage of its development).
  • Italy (Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies).
  • Denmark (Danish Gambling Authority).
  • Costa Rica (There is no gambling license in Costa Rica as a notion).
  • Kahnawake (Kahnawake Gaming Commission).

The Future of gambling –Cryptocurrency

As earlier mentioned, you have to keep a merchant account for your legal payment processing activity. When payments are made with using Bitcoin, there is no need for such bank institutions. Deposit and withdrawal can be done instantly between the player and the online casino wallet. Our bitcoin poker script is ready for this. This facility opens a debate about not obtaining the online gambling license since as there is no need for any centralized bank.

A poker player who decides to use bitcoin for deposit and Withdrawal also want to check the online casino reputation. Being a legal operator you also need different kind of third party audits. Since there is no proper legislative framework related to Cryptocurrencies, it may be assumed that wagering with Bitcoin is the same as wagering with fiat currency. We recommend you to go for licensing, even you are operating with Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency). Our bitcoin poker script works for multiple popular crypto currencies smoothly.

Poker script offers a fully turnkey bitcoin poker script package and will gladly assist you from technical side to get your online gambling licence too. We help quickly and accurately, following the agreed terms at all time.