Technology changes the way of work in every industry. The gambling industry is also going into transition phase where most of the offline casino platforms are moving towards online platforms. This transaction helps casino owners to get players from all over the globe with a maximum reach that increases the chance for more profit. Here online casino software works as a complete solution managing the whole gaming business across popular channels. This single software comes with features like player management, payment support, client retention, loyalty and rewards programs, fraud prevention with powerful analytics for a better decision.

What is online casino software?

The online casino software is a full package of multiple games like poker, slot, blackjack, baccarat, bingo, and roulette, etc. One central backend manages all games including operator panel, account panel, etc. In urnkey poker software, a player can play multiple games at the same time to increase the chance of winning. You as a client can choose your favorite games in your custom package.

Widely accepted working models for online casino solution.

It is not necessary to buy the product to start your online casino business. Pokerscript supports clients by offering various working models. Here are the top and highly preferred online casino software for sale available in the global industry:

White label casino software

Among the widely prominent online casino software, renting-based software solutions are highly preferred. The white-label solution implies searching for a famous brand, concluding the agreement, and then receiving a necessary package to launch the online casino platform. These solutions involve the administrative software, games, secure payment gateways, and the operational sublicense.

Third- Party games via API

These solutions of casino games are also based on renting some parts, and the primary responsibility lies entirely on the parent organization. In these solutions, the operators also offer the sublicense along with the online casino software and offer a fully functional platform with promotional services and technical assistance.

Custom developed casino solutions

For casino software management, another best approach is to get it developed from scratch with some professional knowledge, skills, and assistance. However, this approach is a bit costlier than the others. This model is best sutiable for clients who cosnider their players and game data private and important for long term. One time investment makes them indepedent for everything and no profit sharing.

Games we offer in our Online casino software for sale package.

Daily a new game is coming into the market and the whole internet is flooded with a variety of games. It is not possible to cover every game as a ready product for any company. As a turnkey casino software provider we have almost all popular games in our bucket.The most popular and preferred gaming solutions of Online casino software for sale are as follows:

Slot Game

These gaming solutions rely on chances, including a reel with some symbols that spins and points on any symbol as it stops. The most preferred gaming software solutions include crypto slot gaming solutions, bitcoin slot gaming solutions, and blockchain slot gaming solutions.

Online poker

Poker games involve a deck of 52 cards, and players of the game must bet according to the acquired poker hand. The poker gaming solutions widely preferred among the users are Crypto poker solutions, blockchain poker solutions, and bitcoin poker solutions.

Baccarat game

Baccarat is a prominent and widely preferred card comparing game that involves players and bankers. The baccarat software solutions that players widely prefer are blockchain, crypto, and bitcoin-based games.


Bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain-based bingo games are widely preferred across casino game lovers. The host draws a number randomly in these, and the players must match the numbers available on the card with what the host selected.


These gaming solutions include betting on multiple conditions. The widely preferred and recommended roulette gaming solutions are based on blockchain, crypto, and bitcoin.


This is a comparison-based card game involving competition with the dealer and not among the players. The widely preferred blackjack games are based on crypto, bitcoin, and blockchain.

Features we offer for Online casino software for sale.

Here is a list of the features that are emerging in modern online casino solutions:

Live dealers

The modern-day casino software solutions have an awe-inspiring feature that assures the users to witness live dealers while playing the games and get the best gaming solution.

Mobile-based casinos

The currentOnline casino software for sale is easily accessible on multiple mobile devices, making it easier for the players to enjoy a casino experience anytime and anywhere.


Enjoying the online casino software solutions has become more addictive with the access to higher-quality soundtracks for an added fun.

Using cryptocurrencies

Due to the ease of access, enhanced safety, and assured anonymity and privacy, cryptocurrency-based casino game models are currently at the hype.

2D and 3D gaming designs

Impressive 2D and 3D gaming designs give a glamorous touch to the casino gaming software solutions with access to advanced features, a better virtual experience, and appealing effects.

Enhanced security

The modern-day Online casino software for sale complies with the enhanced security of users’ data and information and is widely secure.

Customized solution

Currently, with the diverse needs of the users and growing technical demand, it is a must for the casino software solutions to be customizable to serve millions of users at once with just a few alterations.

What to check for getting the right online casino software ?

There are a plethora of online casino game and software developers in the global industry, and each of them has some exciting packages, prices, and solutions to offer. However, you must never fall into the trap of visible discounts and rewards. Still, instead, you must work to find a robust team of developers with immense skills and experience to come up with the industry’s best gaming solution to meet all your demands. Pokerscript as a casino development company offer these unique services which will help to setup your perfect online casino business.

Custom Design

We offer to deliver the wholly customized apps adapted on both the backend and frontend to meet the changing needs.You tell us what design you feel that is sutiable for your. Rest it is our responsibilty to handle this as per your satisfaction.

Turnkey casino software

We have a package where you can lease the device, payment system, gaming license, and all other gaming features and services easily from them. To put it another way, you must try to get a complete turnkey solution that you can use right away.

Multiple games integration

We provide and incorporate all of the most popular poker games, as well as other casino games, if necessary, from reputable game developers.If you have any third party games like slot, live poker and sports betting. Our system supports it.

Payment service

When purchasing the turnkey casino software, keep in mind that it should provide pre-integrated payment options with multi-currency support. This will surely help you to draw players from all across the globe.Just provide your merchant account. We will connect our casino platform to your bank directly.

Instant support and maintenance

Our customer service that is extremely sensitive and quickly addresses any problems that arise.We consider this the key point for busienss success. We solve each queris quickly and efficently.

What should one always remember while buying online casino software?

Just because you can access online casino software for sale or at a discount does not mean that the software will be the best choice and updated with the latest requirements. There might be some other hidden prices that might eat up all your profits, like its updates, maintenance, content customizations, etc. Therefore, you must be very carefully crack a deal.

Be very precise about the offered prices and the services available with it. And eventually, go for the best solution that suits you well. You can go for a one-time purchase-based model if you have a significant amount of the required funds. However, you must avoid the free model due to zero control with them for the assured experience.

Why pokerscript is best choice for online casino software solutions?

We have the best turnkey casino software solutions, developers, and third party suppliers (for license, payment service).We serve as a multipurpose team having several skilled and experienced professionals who can quickly build a fully-fledged gaming solution with all the essential features and functionalities. Here is what the Pokerscript can do:

Unique design service

We have some top-notch gaming developers capable of creating a gambling website or the best turnkey casino software solutions according to the operator’s demands. They will also advise with the best possible features and functions to be added and positively welcome all your suggestions to provide the best solution.

License acquisitions support

For all the turnkey casino software solutions, the legal working background plays a crucial role in ensuring its smoother operation. Being an experienced service provider we have a juridical department who helps you to get the legal certificates for the developed solution.

Third-party Integration support

This means that the pokerscript team must also help to integrate the games, payment gateways, security frameworks, and the other features in the developed solution.

Share your project requirements with pokerscript team. Our casino expert will go through and suggest to you the best possible solution for your personalized need. Fill the form and or message on WhatsApp for detailed discussion.