If you're in the process of starting your online poker business, you have the option to buy poker script or hire poker developers to create a customized product from scratch or a whitelabel setup at profit sharing model. This article aims to provide clarity on the poker script purchase process, its features, the minimum setup schedule, and the high-level technical aspects related to code, server, and configurations.

What is buy poker script ?

In buy poker script, you will receive the Source Files of the online poker software, UI Designs, Code Manuals, and a professionally documented Knowledge Base that covers code files and server configurations.

It is highly effective for companies or startups that already have their own tech team and game developers, as it allows them to customize the design, theme, and add unique features, sounds, and animations according to their personal preferences.

In such setup, the poker source files resides on your own private server, enabling you to maintain a high level of confidentiality for player’s personal details with their financial information, while retaining all profits for yourself.

Explore the Benefits of Buying a Poker Script

As a buyer, you must evaluate the basics and try to understand how it can add value to you and to what extent. The white label setup has its own benefits along with limitations, which I have already explained in detail on the white label poker software page. In this section, my focus is to clarify the difference between the option of buying a poker script and building your own in-house, based on critical aspects such as market standards, features, time, price, and operational requirements.

Cost & Time Savings

The biggest advantage of buy poker script is the time-saving factor, which is crucial for a new team starting to build poker software for the first time. Poker is a multiplayer game that operates on three layers: game clients (user apps), backend (system admin), and multiplayer module (game engine). Proper handling of these layers is essential to avoid endless waits.

With a ready poker script , all the above aspects are pre-verified and tested in real-time. Going live can happen within a few days, leading to instant revenue generation and cost reduction.

Assured Code Quality

With a pre-built poker script solution, you can request a third-party code audit, verify the file structure, and undergo a source code walkthrough to ensure quality. Additionally, you can obtain library version reports and a summary of third-party integrations. Usually, companies selling ready-made software often maintain a higher standard of code quality compared to new development.

At Pokerscript, a comprehensive product walkthrough session will be organized, which includes a feature demo, review of the admin panel, and insightful code review.

Operational Legitimacy

Our poker script RNG is already compatible with various labs such as iTech Labs, BMM Labs, and SQS Labs .

Poker is a game that involves real money, which requires specific regulations, certifications, and verifications. When applying for a gambling license, authorities typically require validation of the source code, RNG certifications, and security audit reports. The code quality and standards must adhere to specific styles in order to meet these requirements

The implementation of global regulatory standards, such as GLI-11 to GLI-31, ensures that you can obtain your online gambling license from almost every online gaming jurisdiction, including Malta, Bahamas, or Curaçao.

Documented Source Code

In buy poker script, providers usually offer a complete package that includes code manuals, configuration guides, and listings of third-party dependencies.

With in-house developers, handling all such documentation requires additional effort from developers and technical writers, resulting in increased costs. Maintaining regular updates at a micro-level can be a tedious task. At Pokerscript, an online knowledge base is available for developers, which proves to be very helpful for future reference.

Regular Software Updates

Just like other software product frameworks and code libraries, poker script source codes also require regular updates due to continuous upgrades. These updates may be related to various aspects such as security enhancements, new features, and even improvements in code syntax. Providers take this matter seriously as it is their core business, ensuring that clients like you receive these updates seamlessly without incurring additional costs.

In addition to these, there are numerous other benefits you can obtain from buy poker script service providers. These include free bug support, technical trainings, industry insights, past experiences in handling similar business setups, and contacts for third-party service providers such as payment gateways, SMS gateways, and more.

Exploring Packages to Buy Poker Script : Usability and Source Code Ownership

For a poker startup, the main concerns of shareholders revolve around investment, brand copyright, data security, and source code control. Pokerscript offers two packages for it’s poker script for sale service, which can be further customized based on the client's specific requirements.

There are two distinct package options available:

  • Protected Poker Script
  • Open-Source Poker Script

Protected Poker Script for Single Domain

The protected buy poker script packages allows you or a single client to utilize the software in a single end product. It is crucial to understand that the end product, which incorporates the purchased poker software, is not intended for distribution. The provided poker source code is accessible for a single domain and can be expanded and improved to suit your specific requirements.

Open-Source Poker Script for Mulitple Domains

The open-source buy poker script package allows you and your clients to utilize the poker software for multiple end products, with the option to charge end users for their usage. The purchased poker software can be distributed, sold, or restricted exclusively to paying customers. Each component included in the package is open-source and can be extended and enhanced according to your specific preferences.

Poker Script with Blockchain Technology: The next generation solution

The online poker industry is undergoing rapid evolution, and our buy poker script is well-equipped to adapt to these changes by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. With the integration of cutting-edge features like a crypto wallet setup, seamless web3 integrations, and comprehensive support for cryptocurrency payments , our poker script revolutionizes the way the game is played and experienced. Additionally, our script incorporates decentralized application (dApp) concepts, ensuring transparency and fairness through peer-to-peer cryptographic random number generation (RNG) algorithms. By enabling wallet-enabled logins, we prioritize the privacy and security of players, enhancing their trust and providing a truly anonymous playing environment.

In-built Crypto Wallet Setup

The poker script source code incorporates a built-in wallet functionality, empowering players to efficiently manage their digital assets and handle cryptocurrency funds. This integrated feature enables players to effortlessly deposit, withdraw, and monitor their cryptocurrency balances, resulting in a smooth and user-friendly gaming experience.

Ready With Web3 Integration

This highly desirable feature allows players to log in without the need to disclose personal information.

The integration of Web3 setup within the poker script signifies a cutting-edge technological advancement, facilitating seamless interaction between players and your decentralized poker application. This integration also empowers players to engage in secure financial activities using their preferred decentralized network, with support for a wide range of cryptocurrencies accessible through publicly available Web3 wallets.

Seamless Cryptocurrency Payments

By default, the poker script is programmed to accept multiple cryptocurrencies as a payment method, expanding the accessibility to a wider player base and ensuring secure and efficient transactions. This setup eliminates the obstacles associated with traditional payment methods, allowing for faster deposits and smart-contract-guided automated withdrawals.

Why choose Pokerscript to buy poker script?

At Pokerscript, we continuously nurture and update our poker software to align with the latest technologies, making online poker operators more efficient, powerful, and happier. Our goal is to enable operators to focus on essential aspects such as payments, clients, and brand management. The buy poker script service is designed in a simplistic way, allowing easy adoption of any theme, seamless integration of new updates and features, and serving as a final product that delivers ultimate satisfaction.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

We offer the best price without compromise. Our expertise in the field of poker software development has enabled us to effectively manage costs, especially for startups with minimal features. We believe in collaborative partnerships and commit ourselves to creating a space for our clients' success.

Minimal Overhead Expenses

Engineered for optimal efficiency, designed on open-source technologies with a scalable architecture, this buy poker script solution can operate on VPS, dedicated, or privately owned servers . The microservice setup provides the freedom to manage player traffic while keeping server resource usage at a bare minimum, resulting in low recurring expenses.

Full Autonomy - No Third-Party Dependencies

No hidden expenses under the name of Multiplayer Engine or Special Servers.

Our poker script disrupts the gaming business by eliminating the need for third parties, providing startups with a long-term market presence with only hosting fees to consider. In terms of software operation, it is as simple as hosting a website or an online shopping store, making it incredibly easy to manage.

Accredited, Scalable, and Compliance Guaranteed

This poker source code is built with a focus on gambling compliance and has already received certification from more than twenty different labs and gambling commissions. It has been successfully deployed for various clients, handling thousands of players, both as it is and with customized modifications. This ensures that you can obtain certification from anywhere of your choice.

Omnichannel Support

This poker script empowers you to generate application builds for various widely used platforms including Android, iOS, desktop browsers, and mobile browsers, as well as executable files for both MacBook and Windows devices. It provides a consistent customer experience across platforms - from a single code base.

Host the poker script on your server, own the data.

The buy poker script, by default, supports self-hosted deployment and installations, giving you the power to own your gaming data and ensure compliance with gambling regulations. Additionally, the ability to customize the interface empowers you to add your business uniqueness and offer a top-notch user experience to your players, agents, and game managers.

We have made it open source, self-managed and security compliant with data ownerhsip with a freedom to host on your private servers or any cloud service provider like amazon. Furthermore, our script ensures compliance with online gaming regulations in jurisdictions such as Malta, Bahamas, or Curaçao, ensuring that you can operate within legal frameworks and meet regulatory requirements.

Frequently asked questions

You have questions, We have answer !

Pokerscript is a leading company that offers a buy poker script service, providing full source code delivery at a starting price of $20,500 USD. You can request a demo, product walkthrough, and test the poker software features as listed. Payment can be made in USDT or via bank transfer, and the code delivery will be provided through a Git repository or Google Drive.

The basic cost of the poker script is $20,500 USD. If you request custom features, the cost will increase, and it will be calculated on an hourly basis at a rate of $25 USD per hour.

Yes, you have the option to pay in USDT, ETH, BTC, as well as through online payments and bank transfer.

In the buy poker script package, we provide poker game source files, figma designs, code manuals, APIs and an online knowledge base. Additionally, we offer 4 hours of training and code setup support to facilitate knowledge transfer.

Yes, as part of the package and deal, you will receive all the necessary files.

Yes, it can be installed and deployed on any VPS, online cloud server, or private dedicated server.

Yes, according to the deal plan, you have the flexibility to deploy the poker script on multiple servers and domains, allowing you to create your own poker network.