Your search for right poker solution will end here. Working with startups we know your business nature. Book a Demo and let put the first step towards your success.Poker game has taken the whole world by storm with its attention. Almost each online casino owners and game operators have invested their huge amount in this game due to its high-profit potential and high demand. Poker script for sale is ready to facilitate for your casino startups business.

What is online poker software for sale?

In online poker software for sale, the company transfers ownership for ready software. It means you are able to run your poker business without any dependencies. Good, if you want to edit the code and add your own features. Book your poker website from pokerscript. Email us.

The most important aspect of this game is the global acceptance. It is one of the most in-demand and playable card games in over the globe. It has been played and enjoyed by Billions of poker players via offline or online. With the advent of the online version of this interactive game, a lots of exciting and high pot value poker tournaments have taken place which keeps users engaged in this poker business. If we look at the business prospects and ROI, the game has seen steep growth and has grabbed the attention of multiple leading gaming investors in the gaming world. Our online poker software for sale is compatible for all demographics players who can join you from different continents.

Tremendous benefits with our poker development service: –
Saving time:

We provide a completely developed and ready to use poker apps that our clients can install in just a few minutes with only a few steps. It is straightforward to set it up and also quickly establishes.

Owning the code:

Starting from the gaming engine, including the front and back end codes and design, we ensure our clients can own the entire poker solution to be customized and managed according to their needs.

Paying in installments:

We understand our clients' cost-related hassles as they start to establish their setup and build up a market online. Thus, we offer the best payment plan with the availability of installment payments for our clients. Starting from the development and buying the plan and the date the software is delivered, they can divide the entire payment into several installments.

Direct or manual payment systems:

We are highly concerned about our clients' ease and requirements and try to assure that they do not face any issues or difficulty while handling our solution. We provide direct and manual payment options for each of our gambling software so that the client can choose that according to their needs.

API integration:

We provide API integration in the developed poker website solutions that allow the admin to retrieve the data, check statistics, analyze the performance of various players, manage the users, games, and rewards, and do other things.

Reliable and faster software:

Our poker apps are reliable and faster and smoothly runs on multiple platforms.

High-end security from malfunctions:

We ensure protection from all types of malfunctions for our each of poker game types including admin and game clients. Our clients are assured of a smoother and seamless experience without any issues while running it.

Fraud detection solution:

Our online poker system for sale has an anti-fraud system that helps to maintain the security and safety of the platform and its users.

Platforms we cover in our ready poker solution –

The online poker software for sale comes for three basic platform versions, which are as follows:

Desktop version:

The desktop version of the online poker application that we provide is easily downloadable on Windows and MAC. It assures the targeted user base to experience a great time while enjoying the games and access all the fantastic features and functionalities.

Mobile version:

The mobile version of ready poker solution is highly engaging, responsive, best performer, and has cross-browser functionality. It is best for the targeted user base who prefers using the solution on various mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows, for a seamless gameplay experience.


We provide a web version for our ready poker solution that helps global players instantly experience the gameplay through various browsers and platforms. This version is easily usable and accessible by the users.

Introducing the best white label poker solution suitable for start-ups. We handle everything for you.

After a lot of meetings and discussions, our white label poker solution is developed with a progressive design process by casino industry experts to make the games on the virtual platforms more attractive and addictive. In addition to this, our game research team constantly conduct experiments and surveys to boost the gaming experience in the modern development process. Once we come up with a robust and stable white label poker applications solution, Pokerscript offers it to the clientele and make the custom requested modifications according to their brand instructions and players demand.

We also have an impressive backend admin dashboard for the convenience of the entrepreneurs, enabling them to easily manage and run the poker business. Furthermore, Pokerscript also do ongoing bug fixes, adding software updates, and provide our customers with optimisations so that their poker business runs smoothly. We also provide on demand technical support to the operators to support in running their poker business.

Our online poker system can be easily played anywhere - laptop, desktops, tablets or mobile devices and even without downloading it.

Online Poker is the only card game which has created its buzz in the online gaming industry that has caught the consideration of a huge number of gamers. However, Pokerscript develops a poker software for sale which is composed in view of a social component, by providing player to interact each other even during the gameplay. Our team is well trained to deliver your business logic that can be a new design or even a new twist in the game rules or operations. Whether it’s online poker game, poker apps, or traditional ready to install casino games, our poker software for sale can be rented or purchased outright depending on the your business model.

The online poker software for sale offers a robust platform for launching your own online poker room within few days. It consist a long list of necessary management features for the game operators and can also be customised according to your personalised business requirements. Pokerscript offers a fully customised, thoroughly tested to handle lots of game players within a single server instance.

Our poker website includes a full suite of tools and modules required for successfully running your online poker business. These are some high-level features of our online poker system.

  • User centric game lobby
  • Predefined player avatars
  • Multi-table option
  • Quick limits set up process
  • Social/real money option
  • Currency management
  • Poker tournament
  • Game security facility
  • User disconnect monitor
  • Hand/Table history
  • Intuitive Poker Room
  • Table chat

Pokerscript develop games that aim at creating a challenging and entertaining true-to-life simulation to keep the gamers coming back and retain for long time. Our ready poker solution supports all of your poker operations, allowing your users to play, bet, and win the game with a smooth, flawless gambling experience. We also work on different poker versions available locally in different markets. Each of our custom project follow the progressive model of development with regular updates with instant feedback process.

Being a casino startup these are the parameters you should follow for choosing the best poker website.

If an online poker player chooses an online poker platform, he must look for some basic features that encourage him to play and stay longer with a particular gaming portal. Pokerscript as trusted game development studio must ensure before pursuing the online poker software for sale with the following traits.

  • Platform speed
  • Flawless card movement
  • Table chat within players
  • Data security
  • Multi device compatibility
  • Smooth betting options
  • Trust for payment deposit
  • Multiple currencies
  • Local language support
  • Browser support

To cater to this high-profit potential industry, as a renowned poker solution provider, Pokerscript offers ready poker solution, with a cutting-edge game engine which lets poker players play for either social money (for fun) or real money. Pokerscript is one of the best card game development company who has been in this gaming industry for six years.

Here is your best poke website.

Do not get trapped by a low cost offer for any online poker websites. A good deal is where you have to pay minimum operation cost. This poker business ROI depends on the number of players and the game hands they play. Many times hidden prices eats poker business owner profit. We suggest you to make deal very carefully.

Pokerscript offers very clear and straight forward pricing options for our new poker gaming partners.

  • Low investment plan with limited features for small startups.
  • Royalty model. Need to pay Low upfront setup fee and monthly rake sharing.
  • One time purchase. Get the ownership.

When you go for an online poker website, be clear on what pricing model you are being proposed. The royalty model is best fit for new online poker business startups that have budget limitations. The one-time purchase is right choice if you plan to keep all players with you on your brand value and don’t have any budget constrains. Consider any of the above models and let Pokerscript team do the rest for you to set your new poker business.

Pokerscript is the best choice for your online poker software for sale. Our each game developers are proficient, experienced, and well-versed with the business nature of poker to ensure that the game rules are implemented perfectly irrespective of any complexities.

Looking for the best poker gaming software solutions, share your requirements with us. Our representative will contact you soon.