Video Poker-New era need. Today, technology is part of our life in every way. Poker is also not beyond this. The poker game has already adopted many innovations through its technical evolution. Due to technology, it is possible to play multiplayer games from your bedroom, which seemed impossible before. Every game club wants to connect with its players via social events or gatherings. Even players also want to know with whom they are playing. They look for a real feel which is now possible. Here video poker contributes a lot.

What is video poker?

This is a form of poker game where players can do video streaming with their table opponents. They can do audio, video, and visual interactions during the gameplay.

Let's discuss the poker evolution. I have divided this into two categories. First, what is common in trend. Second what we may expect in the future.

In Trend:

Video Poker

This is the modern form of poker. While play you can also talk to your table opponents. Enable your camera and start video streaming. This is very much popular in social games where known friends enjoy the game and interaction. As per the data analysis, it's not a good fit for gamblers due to their secretive nature. Many legal online casinos are moving towards this technology. It has a great future in the gaming industry.

Multi-table Play

In regular casinos, you can play only on a table where you have your appointment. This means, only one table with your presence.

Now it changed, with online video poker you can swipe your tables and can play on many tables same time. More play, focus on the win and invest in better hands.

Multiple Games

As earlier explained, In a physical casino you as a player were bound to be on a seat with a single table. Thinking of a new game was like a struggle. Online video poker also makes this easier. You can choose games as per your mood and preference, in a single tip.

It gives more thrill and opportunity for fun and wins both.

Tournament Scheduling

In poker, game everyone looks for jackpots, big pot value. A tournament is a place where players try for it. Earlier, it was so difficult to manage a tournament. Casinos were keeping their manual registers, or using third-party tools for this. With online video poker, it is so simple to schedule, an event for a tournament. Casino owners can check past histories, game hands, etc.


P2P Suffling

Fair deck shuffling is a primary need for any card game. Scientists are working to improve more and more. There are many proved algorithms working well. On the same concept as blockchain, card shuffling is possible. It is impossible to manipulate the cards as it works on a decentralised structure. That is how P2P shuffling works. It is very high in demand but due to cost constrain it is not generalised yet. Hope in near future it will be available at a lower investment.

Live Poker

The betting limit means a particular amount that any of the players can open or raise. Generally, poker games are of the following typesThis is also a form of poker. A player can see the live tables and dealers via video streaming. The player can bet and do his activities from an app installed on his device. Due to the high fixed cost, this is not as popular as it must be. Hope in near future this will increase its market share in the poker industry.

How does video poker work?

Gameplay-wise, this video poker is the same as another regular poker solution. A player does all activities like a game filter, table selection, Chips buy. So you may ask what is the difference? The difference is simple. In regular online poker apps, you can see your avatars. But in video poker, you will see your live face with all other players.

You can talk to each other. Do you feel this interesting? Off- course, yes.

To achieve this function, you must have a video streaming service. It is good to take third-party providers for it. There are plenty of video streaming API providers. They will charge per-minute basis and if you buy bulk minutes that will be much cheaper.

Another option is to set up your own video streaming server using a high-end server. It also needs a different type of software and hardware. This option will increase your software costing. As an online casino owner, it is good to focus on game marketing and revenue generation activities.

Pokerscript company has high-level expertise in video streaming. We have used different third-party APIs to achieve this functionality. Pokerscript team always creates a Proof of Concept for new innovations. We trust in innovations and working towards this. If you want to run your Video Poker we are your first choice. We are also looking forward to your new ideas which can improve the poker industry.

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