I can’t believe, Best Deal!

"I can’t believe, Best Deal!"

Wow, Fully Customizable!

"Wow, Fully Customizable!"

Happy with Performance!

"Happy with Performance!"

Certified Poker Software.
Hold'em, Omaha, Club & Tournaments.

Run your poker website with Real Money.
Crypto Payments supported, with an extensive Admin Panel
to empower you to help your business - 100% Business Ready Poker Script.

Easy set-up • Zero Third-Party • Secure
Self-Hosted • Live Chat • Cash Games • Online Payment • Bitcoin • Tournament • + More

Success Stories : 3 Millions+ Downloads & 14,700+ Votes.

Proven Poker Script, Game Engine that works for MILLIONs of game lovers.

Sohoo Poker

Sohoo Poker

Texas Hold'em, Omaha Cash and Tournaments.Earn Sohoo Points when you level up and complete missions for various in-game items.

Monopoly Poker

Monopoly Poker

Has three types of Texas Hold’em you can play including: Cash Games, Sit & Go, Regular Tournaments, and super-fast Spin & Play rounds.

Appeak Poker

Appeak Poker

Run Texas Hold’em and RNG certified platform. Play No-Limit Texas Hold’em to boost your fun! Chase the thrill of Sit & Go poker Tournament.

Truly RNG Certified.

Best Poker Script

We offer whitelabel, multi-platform ( iOS App, Android App & for Browser ) custom designed poker software for sale based on compliance with international gaming regulations.

Transparent, No Excuse. RNG Certificate is Available.

Best poker script
Supported By
Poker gambling laws and regulations

Latest. Powerful. Reliable.

Whether you are a Poker Startup, or running a poker business, launching an online Poker Software has never been easier. We offer a high-performance poker software for sale for iOS, Android, and Web with scalable environment. Our team is always standing by to help with any queries.

Turnkey poker setup

Turnkey Setup

Designed at core to get start in just 06 days. Take your poker script copy,upload it to your server and start playing with real users and close friends.

Powerful poker admin dashboard

Powerful Dashboard

Like any professional poker site, set your own admin panel that helps you to track wins, create tables, Game settings, ban/delete members.

Whitelabel poker solution

Whitelabel Solution

Right guidance and on-going innovation.With a Cutting-edge pokerscript & pre-set configurations you'll have the right tools for an easy start.

Self managed poker software

Self-managed Game Engine

(Optimized for AWS)

Unleash the power of Amazon Web Server with in-built multi-player game capability. One-click scaling capacity without third-party expenditure.

Regulatory standard poker script

Regulatory Standard

(Global quality)

Rich compatibility with global regulatory standards like Malta Gaming Board, Bahamas Regulatory and number of accepted game certifications bodies.

RNG certified poker script

Reliable Random Number Generator (RNG)

Engineered on the basis of reliable RNG algorithm for poker gaming, using advance up to date formulas and industry compatible game logic.

Highest Standard. Happiest Customers.

Rather than just hearing from us, listen to what our success partners have to say!

Sohoo poker client testimonial
HD Poker client testimonial
X-Poker client testimonial

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Use the power of Pokerscript, a trusted supplier of cutting-edge poker software for sale. Uncover the advantages it brings to your poker venture today.

  • White Label Poker perfect launchpad for your venture.
  • Compliant in the majority of regulated jurisdictions.
  • Own the Code, proprietary source files and full IP rights.
  • High-performance code with minimum operational cost.
I agreed with pokerscript's stated privacy policy and terms of service.

In-Built Features

Up-to-Date poker script for sale with all required modules.

Texas Holdem Poker


Most played version of poker. Public and private tables.

Omaha Poker


Preferred poker for high-stakes players around globe.

Poker online deposit


Buy chips via online payment gateways. Ready API.

Online poker cashout


Auto withdraw for winning chips. Direct to account.

SnG tournament


Single-table tournaments (STTs) of either 6 or 9 players.

Online Poker Tournament


Easy event planner.Quick prize allocations and reports.

Online poker club

Club Manager

Club creation. Multi-level rake sharing with player manage.

Poker crypto payment

Crypto Payments

Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT support. Wallet integration.

Cutting edge poker software.

Ultra-fast real-time.

In-built Game Engine handles the entire game logic, hand progress with other multi-player datasets. Socket enables the load balancer to distribute the players load in the closest region which enhance the game performance.Can scale anytime for unexpected traffic.

Open source poker software
Open source poker script

Advanced encryption.

Keep the game fair.

A rock solid high standard sophisticated encryption technology (128-bit SSL encryption) to safe all users personal details, username and password. Properly managed "Defense in Depth" security practice by layering the defense tools to minimize the number of holes within secure runtime environments.

Full ownership.

Buy poker source code.

This buy poker source code is highly suitable for individuals, startups, or small teams aiming to establish their own distinctive poker gaming brand. It offers the opportunity to incorporate unique features and expand game options while utilizing a well-tested and scalable poker engine. By leveraging this solution, you can efficiently meet tight timelines and minimize your investment.

Buy poker source code
White label online poker software

No risk setup.

White label poker software.

In the white label poker software setup, the PokerScript team serves as an extension of your in-house technical team, providing comprehensive 360-degree support throughout the project. This includes assistance with project setup, server monitoring, bug management, and real-time support. This setup is ideal for online casinos seeking to integrate poker into their existing casino portal.

Product Insight !

Poker software video walkthorough

Gain an insightful view of our operational pokerscript code, showcasing why it's the ideal choice for your startup. Get in touch for a personalized one-to-one demo !

Pricing plan, tailored for startups.

Superior features, latest technology, more flexibility than competitors that cost more than twice our poker script for sale price!...to help you grow your business, not your bill.

Flexible Pricing.

Zero Encryption - All Open

Buy poker software, means 100% editable files. That includes not only UI or Theme edit but also the whole game engine, backend, sockets etc.

Partnership or Source Files.

Whitelabel poker monthly cost

Poker Whitelabel

  • - Monthly Payment
  • - Supported Disaster Recovery
  • - Active Clustering for 99.99% Uptime

From Total Rake Generated ($)

@ 2% on PROFIT


Poker source code cost

Poker Source Code

  • - One-Time Investment
  • - Documented Knowledgbase (APIs)
  • - Control on Source Code with Database


100% Open Editable Files


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I will say, its Awesome !

Pokerscript client testimony

Cross-platform with single codebase.

Cross-platform, best poker software with advance functionality to invite your friends anywhere,anytime.

poker android application

Android App

With over 65% Android users, it adds value with global presence. Target higher range of audience results quick popularity all over the globe.

Poker iOS application

iOS App

Easy to reach high paying users from developed countries. Analysis reveals that iOS users are more willing to spend in gaming.

Poker browser application

Browser Client

Provides a podium that allows to get in touch with millions of web surfers all over the world, widening the range of potential game players.


Get to know what we are using in our poker script.

Poker builtwith nodeJs

Node Js

poker builtwith socket io


Poker admin panel in Angular Js

Angular JS (Admin Panel)

Poker with firebase API


Poker in unity3D

Unity 3D

Poker source code access via SSH

SSH Access

Poker with MongoDB

Mongo DB

AmazonS3 poker hosting


Here are client's stories in their own words.

Creating and living trusted partnerships. We enjoy more than just working relationships, we have formed partnerships. Here is what they said about our poker script for sale.

Exactly what I was searching for!!! Quick and easy poker software for sale on the go. Our previous poker game setup required huge monthly investment, which frayed our patience literally. I am happy to say that, Pokerscript is saving dollars for us like never before.

Joan Botts
Joan Botts Pokerscript clients - Linkedin


Great Pokerscript. Support team is amazing. I haven't had any problems and when I did it was my developer fault and they helped us really fast. Many times they answered our request on the weekends when they weren't even working and helped to restore our server.

Beso Chikhladze
Beso Chikhladze Pokerscript clients - Linkedin


Pokerscript is intuitive, poker script for sale makes it easy to customize to make it fit in our own branding and the code documentation is really properly maintained. It makes my team life a lot easier and confident.

James Marshall
James Marshall Pokerscript clients - Linkedin


I have been using this pokerscript for about 03 years now. Can’t speak more about it. I was looking for poker software for sale to set my poker business. As of now I am impressed, the support has been excellent.Free trial was awasome for trust.

Timothy Nottke
Timothy Nottke Pokerscript clients - Linkedin


Coming soon...

Blockchain poker script

Fully on Chain

( Smart contract-Ether )

Player can fund their own personal wallet and send buy-ins to smart contracts which reduce the player deposit risk.

Decentralized poker card shuffling

P2P Shuffle

( Decentralized )

Shuffling and encryption will happen only on a player's devices it's not possible for anyone to know the cards of others.

Multi-table poker gameplay


( More win )

A player can participate on multiple table same time to multiply their winnings.High win rate with more rake back.

Looking for a personalized poker software ? Request a DEMO.

Frequently asked questions.

You have questions, We have answer !


A poker script is a computer program that contains full poker game source code for front-side written in HTML5, React Js and Unity 3D and the core backend algorithms written in Node Js, Angular Js, MongoDB, and Socket. It is capable of launching online poker games for various platforms, including Browser, iOS, Android, and Facebook. The pokerscript includes three default game varieties: Texas Holdem, Omaha, and Omaha Hi-Lo.

This open source pokerscript will be very much helpful for developers who want to make customized card games, poker networks, and re-skinned poker themes.

Yes, This poker script is designed with a micro-service architecture that allows for independent customization of each game service. The UI/UX micro-service simplifies customization of the front-end theme, while the game logic micro-service makes it effortless to add new games. In summary, every aspect of the game, including the front-end and back-end, can be edited and modified.

To customize, you have the option to hire developers from Pokerscript or build your own team in-house.

Yes, the ready poker script offers a comprehensive solution for managing an online poker network. There is a dedicated agent login dashboard that enables agents and sub-agents to manage their players with support for cashouts and deposits. The admin has the ability to create affiliates and assign a specific link to invite players, with defined rake sharing. Additionally, a reseller users can top up their players' chips from their own dashboard.

Commission structures can be defined for various roles, such as agents, sub-agents, affiliates, and chip resellers, from the super admin dashboard.

The poker script has the in-built capability to support various payment methods for real money, which includes credit/debit cards, e-wallets such as PayPal and Skrill, and bank transfers. Additionally, it supports popular cryptocurrency such as BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), and USDT (Tether), among others. It is also possible to use your private crypto tokens as an additional payment method.

Furthermore, we have integrated various web 3.0 wallets such as Metamask, phantom, and Nami for the convenience of our clients.

The standard ready poker script can be delivered within three hours of the payment confirmation. However, if you require customization, we will provide you with a detailed delivery plan after discussing and receiving approval from you. Please note that the day count for delivery will begin only after we receive all necessary information, assets, and accounts required for installation and deployment.

If any local holidays or weekends occur during the delivery timeline calculation, they will not be included.

White label poker software is a setup offered by the Pokerscript team as a complete online poker software solution with all of the essential features and functionality required to run an online poker room, such as a game operating license, game management, online payment processing, technical assistance, and marketing consultations. At Pokerscript, we will typically handle the technical aspects of running the platform, including hosting, maintenance, and upgrades, while you as a startup will be responsible for marketing, customer acquisition, and player retention.

By branding the poker software with your name and logo, the Pokerscript team ensures that your business has a distinctive and easily recognizable identity. Additionally, we can customize the poker script to suit the specific requirements of your target market, including offering various bonuses, discounts, coupons, and affiliate programs.

The RNG (Random Number Generator) in this poker script is managed through a globally accepted well-known public domain PRNG algorithm called Fisher-Yates algorithm, also known as the Knuth Shuffle, which is used to shuffle the deck of cards. This algorithm ensures that the order of the cards is randomized and unpredictable, which is essential for creating a fair and unbiased game.

This poker software system uses a JavaScript library built on Python's PRNG (Pseudo-Random Number Generator) module "random". This library generates random numbers based on a seed value, which is used to initialize the generator. By using a seed value, the same sequence of random numbers can be generated every time, which is important for replicating game results and ensuring fairness.

The core of the RNG in many poker software systems follows the WELL-1024a PRNG algorithm, which is a cryptographically secure PRNG that is highly regarded for its randomness and unpredictability. This algorithm generates random numbers based on a large pool of internal state, which is updated after each random number is generated. This ensures that each number generated is truly random and unbiased and that the sequence of numbers generated cannot be predicted by an outside observer.

Ultimately, it is ensured to collect the RNG certification for your software from reputable RNG certification labs such as eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance), iTech Labs, GLI (Gaming Laboratories International), and BMM Test labs.


The cost of poker software with Texas and Omaha games and basic features such as game manager, rake setup, player manager, deposit and cashouts, etc. is around $10500 USD. However, the cost can increase up to $60000 USD if you add more advanced features such as tournaments, affiliates, agents, bonuses, and support for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Facebook App, Mac App, and Desktop installable solutions. The final cost also depends on the technology and platform integrations required.

A white label poker setup can cost less than an outright purchase, with a starting price of just 2% per month on total generated rake on our software. This provides you with the ability to use the Pokerscript’s software, branding, and infrastructure as your own, but with less freedom and control than an outright purchase.

The Pokerscript sales team is always available to discuss your specific poker software requirements and provide you with a personalized solution that fits your budget and business needs. They will also present you different pricing options and help you choose the best one for your project. So, feel free to reach out to them anytime!

Certainly, you can pay for the poker source code cost in 2-3 milestones as agreed upon in a mutual deal. The delivery of the code will commence only after the last milestone payment is made. However, if you require immediate code delivery, you would need to pay the full amount upfront.

Absolutely, you have the option to either hire developers from Poker Script or utilize your in-house team to work on your personalized custom requests. Hiring a developer from Pokerscript starts at $25 USD per hour, and depending on the bulk volume of work, you may be eligible for a discount on the total billing amount.

In the white label setup, the pricing is divided into two parts. The first part is the integration and setup fee, which is a one-time payment. The second part is a recurring monthly fee, which may be either a percentage of the Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) or a fixed monthly fee, or both, as per the mutually agreed terms. For more details, please refer to the white label packages.

No, there is no requirement for any third-party service except for transactional email and SMS charges, which are necessary to verify the user and perform KYC (Know Your Customer). You can purchase the poker software, host it on your own server, and offer exceptional service to your players without any additional hidden expense.

No, this poker script is designed to support an unlimited number of users and the capacity depends on the capability of your server, not on the cost of the product. With a strong server, it is possible to scale the platform for millions of users in real time.

This poker script comes with a variety of pre-defined product features that are sufficient to set up an online poker business, including modules such as Game Manager, Agent Manager, Multi-currency Support, Private Tables, Affiliate Programs, Various Bonus Setups, Role Manager, and many more. For more detailed information, please refer to the Poker Software Features.

Any custom feature requests or UI modifications beyond the ready-made solution will be considered as additional work, and a separate quote will be provided by the sales team.

No, each update and upgrade will be provided free of cost to our paid clients. The updates may include security patches, minor feature additions, and code library corrections, among other things. These updates and upgrades are essential to ensuring the smooth operation of the poker software and maintaining the highest levels of security for our clients' businesses.

No, the setup fee for the first domain is already included in the product purchase price. However, if you require our services to set up the poker software on multiple domains, a separate quote will be provided by the sales team.

The first 03 months of support are included in the product price, and after that, you need to subscribe to our Support-Tech Care Plan, which costs only $499 USD per month. This plan covers only bug support and does not include development work or server issues. However, for any custom support plan, you can discuss with your account manager, and they will provide you with a quote based on your specific requirements.


Pokerscript has revolutionized the online poker gaming industry by providing a swift and seamless game integration process through RESTful APIs. By utilizing the poker API, it is simple to connect with your existing user database and payment processor. We follow multiple ways to integrate our poker game with the target websites. One way to integrate the game is to host it on a subdomain that links to your main navigation tab. Alternatively, you can create a game view directly by utilizing an iframe.

Normally, we require 5-7 business days to finish setting up and integrating the poker game, depending on the assistance provided by your internal teams. Access to the server and database is necessary to connect the game with the existing user base.

Our game production process follows a continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline with a real-time version control mechanism. To minimize the impact of updates, our architecture is designed to include a hot backup process that is always available to handle any unexpected disasters. We conduct testing on a staging setup and obtain quality approvals before releasing each update to the live production environment.

To enable online poker gameplay, access to the user profile and account balance data is necessary via API. Our poker script product is a self-hosted solution that operates independently, ensuring that partner platforms are kept separate and secure.

Our services entail delivering the poker games and integrating them on your website's URL, along with managing everything related to payments, including betting, deposit, and cashouts within your website and database. We also offer assistance in setting up a payment gateway by providing consultation to obtain the authorized gaming license.

The poker script has the capability to support multiple currencies, including both traditional fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. In a standard configuration, players have the option to buy chips using card payments or by transferring cryptocurrency to a central wallet.

Yes, Typically, the price for the integration services is already included in the package pricing. However, in some cases, we may need to evaluate the target website's code structure and required API connections before providing a quotation.

Yes, the Poker Script supports both methods of integration. However, integrating the games within the platform may require more effort than keeping them separate on a subdomain and placing them on the main navigation panel.

The integration process does not alter the user registration and login flow. Your existing players can use their own game account to access the online poker game, as we will utilize your existing database and profile information. Additionally, new users can register and play other existing games, along with poker.

Code Setup

For the past five years, www.pokerscript.net has been the highest-ranked provider of best poker scripts, having served over 200 clients online. Our solution includes complete source code, deployment instructions, code documentation, and operational training.

Moreover, player migration service is available upon request, which includes complete guidance from expert poker developers from pokerscript.

The delivery time for the poker script will depend on the package you choose to purchase. If you opt for the "poker script for sale" model, the files can be delivered in as little as three hours. The software will come with detailed documentation to assist you in launching your game successfully. The setup process for our poker software is streamlined and optimized to minimize the time and effort required for store deployment.

If you choose the “white label poker software” service, the delivery time will typically take 3-5 business days maximum. This is because we need to manage a number of factors, such as integrating your branding and logo by placing the logo in appropriate places, setting up the server and configuring it, and setting up the domain name and waiting for DNS propagation.

If you require custom work and design, the delivery time will depend on the complexity of the design and the features you want us to implement.

The poker script offers three different products built on various frontend technologies such as React Js, Unity 3D, and Cocos Creator. The backend is built on HTML5, Node Js, and Socket, with a custom-programmed multiplayer setup that works for all. Choose any one and contact the sales team to get the product that best suits your needs.

We recommend using a dedicated Amazon cloud server for hosting your poker software, which would cost around $80 - $120 per month for 20,000 concurrent players. You can start with these configuration;

  • - CPU: 2x 16 cores 2.30GHz
  • - RAM: 2x 8GB
  • - PORT: 1 Gbit/s Port
  • - Application Server: 500 GB SSD
  • - Database Server: 100 GB SSD
  • - Operating System: Ubuntu

A cost-saving measure is to monitor your server regularly and scale it up only when necessary.

Yes, Poker Script provides a comprehensive setup guide with an online knowledgebase to help you set up the poker source code on your own server. For Amazon Web Server, a video tutorial will also be provided.

Yes, you can install the poker script on multiple servers with multiple new themes only if you have purchased the Open Source Code and received authorization from the Poker script team.

Yes, upon purchase of the poker script, an expert poker developer will be assigned to assist you for 8 hours to help you understand the code and configurations.


A crypto poker website is an online platform for playing poker that allows users to make payments using major cryptocurrencies. By using crypto poker, players can maintain their anonymity without having to disclose their personal or banking information. The acceptance of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum also enhances the accessibility of the game across different regions.

At Pokerscript, we do not condone traditional gambling practices. Our software is designed to provide a play-money experience solely for recreational purposes. We do not engage in any game licensing activities and only serve as a software provider. Our pokerscript is developed to comply with global regulations, and as a client, you are responsible for obtaining your own certifications. We offer technical assistance and documentation support to help you use our software effectively.

Pokerscript ensures strong security measures for each product's code. Real-time recording of hand histories and player behavior analysis help identify collusion through neural pattern recognition. Additionally, the algorithm monitors player IP addresses and betting patterns to generate alerts for any unusual activity on the admin dashboard, which is reviewed by a team of human reviewers who take appropriate actions.

The poker software includes a bot detection module that recognizes typical bot actions, like making perfect decisions, placing unrealistic bets, or playing an unusually high number of hands per hour. Additionally, it can detect any third-party software used to automate gameplay. If suspicious activity or bots are identified, the system flags the player account and alerts the security team to take necessary measures.

Yes, The poker script records and collects the IP address of each player. The admin has the ability to set restrictions for players regarding playing within the same IP. By default, players are allowed to join a single table among family and friends on the same network.

Allowing players to remain anonymous is at the discretion of the poker operator. One way to maintain anonymity is to set up email-based signup with cryptocurrency payment. Keeping KYC (Know Your Customer) optional is another approach to managing anonymity.

The Poker Script employs its own mechanisms to ensure fair play by monitoring the frequency and volume of transfers, as well as detecting any anomalies in betting patterns or player behavior, such as large amounts of chips being moved between accounts or players working together to cheat. The operator can set limits on the number of chips that can be transferred between accounts or establish penalties for players caught engaging in this behavior. These measures help to prevent chip dumping and ensure a level playing field for all players.


To request support for Poker Script, you can either create a support ticket via the Poker Script Helpdesk or send an email to [email protected]. Paid clients can also use a dedicated Telegram channel for prompt assistance in resolving any issues.

We provide two types of support: operational and technical. Operational support is delivered by a dedicated team who can be reached through messaging and chat tools such as Slack, Skype, or Google Chat. On the other hand, technical support is available through a well-documented instruction guide and knowledgebase support, which is backed by our technical team.

During the first three months, support will be provided free of charge. After this period, you can request customized support according to your needs. We highly recommend hiring a dedicated support engineer on a monthly basis for $499 USD to receive real-time assistance.

Our software support teams strive to provide a rapid response to support requests, aiming to do so within two hours or less during regular business hours. On weekends, the responsibility for monitoring the server and ensuring smooth functioning falls solely on the technical team.

Get in touch with your account manager through various communication channels, such as telegram support channel, Skype, WhatsApp, or email. To expedite the resolution of your issues, open a support ticket on the poker script helpdesk and include relevant screenshots. We guarantee a response within two hours.

No, The support team's main objective is to ensure smooth operation and uptime guarantee. If you have a new development request, please contact your account manager and adhere to the documented scope. Each new development request is considered as additional work and will be made live only after the quality confirmation.

Upon purchasing the software, you will receive source code deliverables, along with an installation guide and access to the knowledgebase. For the first three days, a dedicated engineer will be assigned to assist with server setup, code configuration, and provide a walkthrough to ensure complete knowledge transfer.

216+ clients already use our Poker Source Code.

We take care for everything and that's our word for it.

Dear @pokerscript your poker software for sale was the best gift for my startup. #Startupsupport

Bethan Jeffries

Game Consultant, Denmark

Big fan of @pokerscript!! Perfect solution and kudos for support. #Pokeronline

Jalen Anthony

Founder (Poker Club), Estonia

Super quick delivery. @pokerscript, Expert team with precise approach.

Kaiden Atkinson

Game Reseller, Costa Rica

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