Poker is a kind of game that is widely accepted over the globe. In gambling, poker has a huge market share and is 2nd after sports betting. It has its unique acceptance among gamblers from Millenials to older age audiences. The increasing use of mobile phones and internet penetration increased its reach significantly. In 2021, the online gambling market size was around 57 billion which is growing at 11.7% annual growth, and it's predicted to reach 136 billion in 2030. Get the right web3 poker script and it's the right time to be a part of this huge business.

What is web3 poker software?

Web3 poker software is a poker solution build on web3 liberaris, enabled with virtual digital wallets, called web 3 wallets like Metamask, Math, Nami, etc... It operates on blockchain technology where information is stored on these wallets, not on centralized servers. A user can connect just by pairing his or her wallet to the system. After disconnections users will take their data with them.

This web3 technology has solved so many problems for the gambling industry. It is not necessary to share your personal information like mobile number, email, and bank accounts to play the games. Web 3 offers a layer where users keep their personal data with their wallets which is highly encrypted and get the full access and freedom to play any game being anonymous

How does the web3 poker software work?

It is required to connect your web3 wallet to the web3 poker and top up your chips balance for in-game transactions. This wallet will act as an access key for the system. There is no need to manage ID and password for the system as the virtual digital wallet will manage everything. Generally, a web3 software follows any one model from these;

(1)-Wallet as access to buy the chips.

This is the most used technique followed by most of the web3 software. In this model users just use a wallet for platform access for deposits and withdrawals. Use has to deposit crypto to buy chips. These purchased chips will be in use for the games. There will be no real crypto transactions on the table. Steps you have to follow;

  • Connect wallet using a browser extension
  • Buy chips via deposit crypto to the platform wallet
  • Poker Back Office: Fully featured admin panel with all essential features like user/table/payment management etcPlay games with the purchased Chips
  • Withdraw request in exchange for chips in crypto balance
(2)-Wallet to play games with a cryptocurrency

This is a less used method for web3 poker to play the poker game. In this, the user has to connect the wallet for crypto deposit in the system's local wallet. The local wallet will act as a banker to play the poker hands.

In multiplayer games like poker, it is not a good fit to use this method. There are so many instant transactions going on at the same time and as a result, using the crypto coin transactions delays the game as well as adds cost due to the network transactions fee. In case, if you offer any personal token then it can be a good option to go with this method.

Which web3 wallet is the best option for web3 poker software?

The web3 poker software is a technical evolution of traditional poker gameplay. There are no changes in the poker rules, winnings, and hand strategies. Using blockchain technology it is so easy to manage data confidentiality, payment, and operational activities. There is no need to spend money on OTP and other security verifications. Things are much simpler than ever than what we were doing in the traditional ecosystem.

This is so quick to play poker on web3 poker script. Now a days, any web3 software provides multiple wallet supports. It varies on the fact that which blockchain network and currency they accept as their primary or secondary payment methods. You have to create your account on a wallet of your choice which they support. Some famous virtual digital wallets are

  • MetaMask Wallet: One of the top-ranking wallets, with more than 21 million users worldwide. You have to use the browser version of this to connect a web3 poker software.
  • Phantom Wallet: Browser-supported web3 wallet works on Solana blockchain. Intuitive user-friendly interface with the facility to hold, transfer and swap Solana tokens.
  • Nami Wallet: Non-custodial Cardano blockchain-supported browser-based wallet that is in use to send and store tokens and more. It can be injected into the browser context to interact with any dApps.
  • Being a web3 poker script provider we have implemented these wallets a lot. If you have any other wallet which you want to use, do not hesitate to share with us. Just share the link and we will propose the development plan for that.

What are the benefits to adopt the web3 poker software?

Blockchain technology is the future of the gambling industry. Web3 wallets are going to change the industry at a drastic level. These wallets are solving basic problems for payment, global reach, as well as identity security. Here are some of the core benefits of this web3 poker script.

  • It reduces the process of login/register and signup. WIth web3 wallet, it's a one-click process to create an account.There is no need to fill in a hell lot of details just to register as a new player.
  • As a player, with web3 wallets, it is not required to share your personal details like phone number and email.
  • Get rid of marketing emails and messages that you receive without your permission on shared contacts.
  • No KYC process is required.
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal options for crypto. Using your web3 wallet you buy chips in seconds, same time you can withdraw your winning amount directly in your wallet.
  • Best fit for tokens that you want to use as a payment method for your game. It's so easy to connect nodes to offer users to use your token to buy the chips.

We at poker script, have a strong team for web3 poker software development. If you have your own token that you want to use as a payment method, we are the best company to help with that. We will set your personal toke to adopt into the system for players to buy the chips. Our expert blockchain developer will consult you on the best approach where you can seamlessly operate your business using any cryptocurrency as per your choice using this modern web3 technology. Get in touch with us for your project, we will be your tech partner.

Which company offers the best web3 poker software?

Poker script is the top-rated company that offers ready-to-go live web3 poker script supported on various blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano. It has various types of poker like Holdem, Omaha, and OFC which are most popular over the globe.

Metamask has the majority share in this market. It gives the option to run your poker game either using the widely accepted coin “Ethereum’ or any token that supports the ECR20 protocol. In the past few years at poker script, we have developed a center of excellence to develop decentralized web3 poker script.

We are waiting to get your poker game requirement, where we can contribute to deploying a top-quality solution. Fill out the form and share your expectation with us. We are committed to applying that in reality.

How much investment is required to buy a web3 poker software?

There are very few Web3 poker providers who are able to deliver web3 poker script. The poker script team is dedicated to being on top of that. The cost behind stable software depends on the approach to development.

Web3 is a browser-based technology where virtual digital wallets are playing the role in connecting the blockchain as well as the game server. It means the web3 poker script must support the major supported browsers like chrome, brave, and firefox. Considering existing HTML-based web3 poker, it requires approx 30,000 USD to 50,000 USD of investment depending on other aspects like varieties of games, tournament features, agent features, etc.

Creating a web3 poker script from scratch, requires huge investment and patience. It requires two kinds of experts. Someone from a card game development background and others who know blockchain technology. Testing also takes enough time to mature the software for production quality. On a high-level projection, it needs a minimum of 120-130k USD investment to deliver a good quality web3 poker software.

At, poker script, we have various options and packages that can fit your investment plan. We also offer an economic plan for hiring developers on a monthly and yearly basis. Share your custom requirement, an expert will guide you to achieve the top quality web3 poker software for your brand.