Is it difficult for a poker game developer to implement a truly random RNG in poker script?

We believe, offcourse an easy task for a poker game developer. After doing some research on internet you can found that almost 90% poker development companies offer codes that are not having any RNG compatibility. RNG certification is a different thing which can be done if your code is RNG enabled.

What is a poker game developer?

The poker game developer profile is different from the regular game developers. Poker is a multiplayer game that demands real-time data transfer. Such developer knows low latency technologies like java, Socket Programming, and Node.Js. Hire your game developer from Pokerscript. Share your requirements.

What is RNG? Why we need in our poker game?

In live poker, the dealer shuffles the deck of cards several times in order to make sure that each cards in the deck has an equal probability for distribution. This ensure the fair game.

In our Online poker software for sale service, this activity is done by a module of the software called Random Number Generator (RNG). Every authentic card games work on this RNG to make the game fair and unbiased.

This RNG module can be done using any programming language like C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Node js etc. As a responsible poker game developer we have used Java, JavaScript and Node Js. When it comes to RNG Audit, we have already taken care of it. These are;

  • RNG Internal state setup.
  • Reseeding and Cycling.
  • Non-Repeatability.
  • True randomization.
  • Statistical Randomness.
  • Pairs, probability and Frequency or outcomes.
Why RNG is so important in Poker?

Poker is a card game categorised in the game of skill, and the sharpness of skill depends on the probability of cards have been given to the player. Based on the experience and game stages, a player tries to use his personal skill for betting and in game decisions. Here it believes that cards are randomly distributed without any bias.

In case, if this randomness is rigged the game will run and decide the winner as per the pre-planned instructions. To make sure that there is no rigging the RNG must be there. If you have not certified that will also work but RNG implementation must be there. With RNG enable code you can directly apply for your RNG certifications.

How RNG get programmed?

A software RNG works on a mathematical algorithms to generate a sequence that does not consist any pattern or tendency. This algorithm initialize on a “Seed” value which can be derived from different repetitive operation within the computer like running process, keystrokes, network activity, computer’s clock, mouse movements, and several parameters in varying combinations. Assign poker script as your personal poker app developer for your casino business.

There is a term called “Inner state” what is mentioned earlier. This inner state get derived from the input noise and constantly get updated too. This inner state also shuffled by generator values. Being a prominent poker game developer our RNG algorithm consists a high level of encryption and secrecy for inner state values. We have policy not to share any information regarding this module, even to our clients. Publicizing the inner state means anyone may get (not as easy) the same outputs and it affect the objective of randomness.

How to get the RNG certification?

We as a poker game developer work closely with client’s technical team and authorized RNG certification body. After purchasing the code from us, you need to submit your code to the certification body for evaluation or that can also done via code snippet integration provided by them for getting the values. They will just check the output as per their audit standard (Diehard and Chai-square test) and issue the result of evaluation with certification seal.

Poker script, great poker game developer company is very strong in term of such activities and already passed so many RNG audit in the past. We as a poker software development team make sure to deliver the quality product always. If you have any query or need more clarification we are here to assist you. Hope this resource is helpful for you.