Everything to know before buying poker software.

Poker is recently one of the trendiest real money gaming genres and is widely prevalent among thousands of global gaming enthusiasts. Several poker software solutions are available globally, but the players are always craving for the best solutions and latest launches with better features and innovative experiences. If you are also planning to invest in the online poker industry and buy poker software solution, here are all the details you must be aware of.

Market growth of online poker

The global online gambling market reached the market value of around 58,960 million USD by 2019, and it has increased at a CAGR of 9.9% since 2015. The market might reach 92,860 million USD by 2023 at a rate of 12% growth further.

Types of Poker game models

Here is a list of poker game models you can go for when you plan to buy poker software solutions.

1. Texas Hold 'em

This game solution comes in Limit, Pot-limit, and No limit options, and even the most miniature gaming rules are included in that.

2. Omaha–

This game solution is mainly available with the Pot limit option, but limit and no-limit options are also available for the people interested in playing those Omaha games.

3. 7 Cards Stud

This game type is primarily available in the classic version.

4. Sit and Go tournaments

It is one of the most popular forms of the tournament. For this game tournament to start, at least 200 players must be online at a time.

5. Freerolls

These are the free entry poker matches in which the players can win real money prizes if they are capable and skilled

6. Satellite Structure

These are the tournament that will be sent to the top n number of players and enable the players with a smaller amount to win with an entry to the tournament with expensive buy-ins.

7. Omaha Hi/Lo

The Hi-Lo variant of the Omaha game is very famous, and in this, if there is a case with the lower combination cards, then the pot is split to Hi and Lo.

8. Omaha 5 Cards

As the name suggests, this is an Omaha variant with five cards where only two cards are used for making the combinations.

9. Mix Table

This is the game where the poker game type can be rotated for each round, and the games can be replaced. For example, from Omaha PL two Hold 'em NL.

10.Run 2 Times

If in a match two players are all in in the hands and both have this option available with them, they can deal with the remaining cards twice.

11.Guaranteed Tournaments

In this type of Poker tournament, the house guarantees a prize pool regardless of the number of players available.

12.Rebuy Tournaments

This is a poker game variant where the players can buy another amount of starting chips if they lose the previously acquired chips within an hour.

13.Bounty Tournaments

This is a Poker tournament where the award bounty bonus is provided for each pair you kick out. Even if you don't earn any money with gaming, you can earn some by eliminating them.

14.Freeroll Rebuy

It is the poker game variant that allows free entry, and the players can rebuy for the period.

Features of the poker lobby

This is another essential aspect that you must look into whenever you plan to buy poker software solutions. Here are some key and best features for a poker lobby:

1.Personalized skinning:

The poker solutions agent can get access to designing their skin with a specific table graphic and poker lobby using this exclusive feature.

2.Placing 2 Banners:

The users can place any two banners out of JPG, PNG, GIF, etc., in their URL of the BO dashboard.

3.Popup Notification during Login:

This is the feature to advertise any tournament or promotion by scheduling the popup, which displays whenever the players' login.

Features of Poker Table

These best poker software features must be checked before you go to buy poker software model

1. Automatic reloading chips:

This must be there on a ring table to save you whenever your stack falls under a fixed amount.

2. Timebank:

This feature provides the users access to extra time when they ran out of the regular or are disconnected.

3. Player chatting module:

This feature is essential to help the players during the hand, but not during the entire situation.

4. Hand history and replayer:

The players can use the poker solutions' features to check the last few hands played on the table with micro-icons to see what happened in that hand. Also, the players can view any hand in the video using the replayer, play, stop, and other options.

5. Showing or mucking the cards:

A player can decide whether to show or muck a hand using this automated feature.

6. All-in confirmation:

This option is provided for the players to have an added step with the all-in move's confirmation.

7. Info regarding hand strength:

Players are allowed to see the hand's current strength, which is very practical and helpful in multi-tabling.

8. Multi-table playing:

With this feature, the players can play more than ten tournaments or tables simultaneously on Windows App and 4 to 6 on instant play or android applications.

Benefits to buy poker software

The best investment that one can make in the poker industry is to buy poker software solution and acquire a global online poker sector position. Here are the benefits of investing in the poker industry

1. Fragmentation of devices

In the past decade, poker thrived in the Indian market. The online gaming industry experienced rapid growth when smartphone games and scenes marked its territory in the Indian market. The most popular games like Subway Surfers and Candy Crush are commonly played on Smartphones, and Dota 2 and CS-like games are played by the hardcore gamers, bringing in a newer wave in the Indian gaming industry. When coming on to the revenue generation, poker games dominate the grossing game list and raise app development and publishing companies' revenue.

2. Aging customer base

Rising number of Smartphone users ensured a stable marketplace for the mobile gaming sector as users are constantly craving for the newer entertainment forms. The aging population that grew up playing Super Mario and Pac-Man now spend more and increased the accessibility, making them more interested in real money gaming.

3. Lower cost of infrastructure:

Obtaining a license for casino and poker games is a process that is comparatively lengthy in India, and the involved cost and time is the set up for the infrastructure is higher. However, with Online poker and casino games, the cost and time cut off, and it is likely for the players to spend ten times more time on them.

4. Huge target audience base:

Online poker games attract enthusiasts from all across the globe and are also easily accessible. It is also preferable for players who do not wish to visit a casino to experience poker gaming physically. This thus helps in generating more revenue and profit for the online poker solutions than the physical casinos.

5. Higher scalability:

Traditional and physical games and sports have numerous limitations. But, bitcoin poker script solutions are faster and scalable because of the dependence on digital platforms.

Buy poker software and Establish the online poker solution

The need for the features and services depends on the target audience base and their poker solution requirements. But, whenever you plan to buy poker software solution, you must look for the features mentioned above and understand the benefits of investing.

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