What is poker software?

Poker software is a multiplayer card gaming platform. It gives a virtual environment for players to enjoy poker games. Texas Holdem is the most popular game over the internet globally. It works on digital platforms like iPhone, Android, and computer devices. Want to buy a poker software? Chat with us.

Poker is one of the most visible games over the Internet. In the market, online casinos are offering so many betting options to their players. Due to Global acceptance bitcoin is the very popular currency for the gambling industry. A high-quality best whitelabel poker software makes things easier. The poker script team deliver rich-featured poker programs for many years.

Do you know how popular gambling clubs choose their poker software? What factors do they consider in poker platform? How to buy Bitcoin poker Script? In this article, we will discuss in detail, what important features should the high-quality Bitcoin poker script have. In case if you are already aware of what you want and are looking for the best price, I will recommend You to contact the Pokerscript manager right now. They offer the best poker solution at a low cost.

What motivates to invest in Poker?

Poker became so popular that scientists have even trying to understand the reason behind its popularity. It is considered that poker is a kind of exercise of the brain, a logical analysis that delivers fun and excitement. what we believe that Poker will exist as long as human thinking exists. this indicates that the Bitcoin poker script will make money for you in long run.

The best part of the poker game is the real time interaction between players. this gives a social.

Poker Software Features

Easy to Customize

It is easy to change each aspect of poker software including Lobby, Table Designs, Cards, Chat Screen and Hand Controls. Client’s specification like Brand instructions, Color theme is required.

Personalized Avatars

Use provided in-built avatars or you can also personalize by uploading your customized avatars.

Multilingual Option

Our poker solution design is compatible to handle RTL and LTR languages. Add any language of your choice. Supported languages are English (Default), Hebrew, Russian, Turkish, Danish, Spanish etc..

Multi-table Screens

Great feature for poker stars. Our poker solution give option to a player to choose various table at a time.

Agent Manager

Enable admin to run your poker business by creating agents at five levels. Super admin can make master agent and he can crate regular agents to add players in their dedicated panels.

Limits Set Up

From admin limits can be set up for each poker rooms. It include feature like Buy Limit, Rebuy Limit, Fixed limit, Pot Limit or No Limit etc..

Play Money/Real Currency

Our HTML5 poker source code supports more than 30+ types of payment options. You can setup to play with Real Money, Crypto Money or for a local community Currency such as Chips, Points etc..

Different Poker Games

Pokerscript poker solution comes with verity of games including Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha Poker with different limit variations like Limit, No Limit, Pot limit. On request we also offer custom games.


This is very important feature of our poker software. Your players can increase chance of win by playing Sit and Go tournaments, Scheduled tournaments or Knockout tournaments.

High-Level Security

Our Poker Software is developed on high security standards. You can control players, IP and transactions. Each transaction is encrypted with highly secured encryptions.

Player Ban

Dashboard view for players to take the right actions for un-natural behaviours. You can allow or ban your agents and players.

Hand History

Each game and hands will be recorded into the backend system. Comprehensive hand history will be available for agents and players.

Downloadable Client Apps

Wide options for your players to choose the platform as per their choice from Browser App, Android App, iOS Apps, Mac App and Window app. It gives ability to connect and play as their convenience

Designer Poker Table

Nicely designed poker table with facility to add money in their poker session. Player can control important activities like Wait for Big Blind, Auto Bid etc..

Room Chat

Chat scene is enabled for each poker tables and can be used for social interaction within players during in process games.

Banner Advertising

In Lobby banner placement feature to attract more players and also for event announcements.

Back-Office System

Our poker software back-office is built on latest web technology using the MongoDB and Node Js on Express Framework. This system contains various reporting and role management and daily to daily operations. All financial and operational activities will be managed easily.

This poker solution admin panel consist of 6 separate tabs:


The design was planned to make things simple. A layman can also operate this system very easily. All major departments are in the main navigation.


Here admin can see the already registered and admin created players. Admin can also create new players directly by adding players' details. A global player search option makes it easy to find a certain player directly.


This section enables Game Manager to see the previously created tables as well as the option to create new tables. A global table search option makes it easy tofind a certain table directly.


This section is for tournament setup and monitoring. Game Manager can see the already created Tournaments as well as create a new one too. A global tournament search option makes it easy to find a particular tournament quickly.


Each casino operates the business as per their personal business planning. After doing lots of research we found that most game portal owners run their business through networking. We offer them a module where they can assign agents, who can generate revenue for them.


This section talks about the business profit and cash flow. The game manager’s all financial activities can be tracked here easily.


For the admin, it is very important to check reports about the players, agents, chips, and all financial-related activities. We have some pre-defined standard reports to review the business health.


This section facilitates Game Manager to set the whole software for business operations. These are the settings that work as universal for each type of user. Every settings update gets applied instantly.

This is a basic fact that the income of a grocery store depends on its location, in the same way, the income from a poker business depends on the poker software on which it was created. I personally believe that if you landed here which means that you love the poker game with all your heart. Hope you also understand the importance of good poker software too.

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