Online poker is the most favoured game which works on a multiplayer algorithm with its huge player base. This poker game is a mix of luck and skill. Unlike other luck-based games, a poker player can change the winning result with his/her playing strategy and outcome assumptions. Due to technological evolution, the online gaming industry is also in step evolution. It is easier to make an online gaming zone brand with less investment than what is required to set up a physical in-visit casino house. In offline poker, it's so difficult to give varieties of cash games, tournaments, and uniqueness.Our online poker software features gives you an open field to offer hell lots of options, prizes and so many tournament types in a single panel. Online poker apps are presented in a way that a player can understand all offerings quickly and accurately. A poker player will get the freedom to choose tables as per their playing strategy and budget planning. He can also join a table for his favourite game types. Being a poker enterprise you must have certain important features that make you more valuable, trusted, and authentic. Here you can get the most used features.

While making your business plan it is important to decide about player reach. Most of the players use mobile phones to play online poker. Asian players use android phones a lot in comparison to other devices like iPhones, tablets, and desktops. If you plan to target USA and UK markets then iPhone devices are on their favourite list.

If your poker platform supports, crypto or wallet connectivity, then the browser plays a vital role in this. It's so easy to connect a wallet like Metamask to buy the chips instantly. Overall, you must have all these platforms' availabilities for better market reach.

  • Android App
  • iPhone App
  • Desktop Browser App ( Chrome, Firefox, and Safari)
  • Mac App (.dmg File)
  • Windows App (.exe File)
  • Mobile Browser App ( Android, iPhone)

To manage the whole poker operation, it is not possible in a single hand. As an entrepreneur, you love to work on strategy, not on daily activities like settlement, chip management, account recharge, etc. The poker software features must have a solid admin panel where you can assign different roles like affiliate, agent, accountant, etc. It is necessary to keep a web-based admin panel where you can create various reports like daily chips sales, rake profit, agent commission, etc.

Sign-up Options

This is the most important feature that ensures smooth player onboarding on your online poker platform. An online poker player does not like multi-step or complicated registration processes at all. It is recommended to keep this as minimal as possible. For signup, these are the form fields we must include.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • User Name
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number
  • Password

Depending on the specific need it can be modified. Some gaming portals also offer guest mode to join the table. During the deposit process, they initiate this signup option again to ensure the proper onboarding.

Options

It is also very important to give quick to play facility. Most of the time mobile number works as a login ID along with the password. It is recommended to keep your username as your primary login ID. This facilitates poker players to be anonymous during the gameplay.

  • User Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID
  • Password

The online gambling industry always uses the latest technologies to automate its operations. Online poker follows the same trend. There are some poker platforms that offer fingerprint scanning for quick sign-in.

Forgot Password

A player can reset his account password by using an email-based verification process. It is not recommended to use OTP-based verification, as for different countries it may cause problems in SMS delivery.

  • Recovery Email ID
  • Mobile Number

Available Categories

Usually, online poker startups, launch their gaming portal with specified poker software features such as cash games only where they offer lots of tables with custom buy-in and on-demand requests. It's also possible to offer private tables for certain specific groups. After getting enough player base you can go for a tournament offering. It is not recommended to activate any kind of tournament games initially without the player base. Considering the pro-level setup I recommend keeping these game categories..

Cash Games / Ring Games

Ring game or cash game is a specific kind of poker game which have no specific end time. A player can join the table at his own convenience and sit-out anytime. For a particular table, a player will be able to join until an open seat is not filled. Most of the time there will be only one winner who will get all the pot chips after the rake deduction. A player can choose a table as per his betting capacity and can generate handsome revenue in a short time.


The poker tournament is a specific poker game setup where players try to win a portion of the accumulated prize pool, which is collected as entry fees. Each player pays the same entry fee and gets started with the same amount of chips which does not have a real monetary value. A poker tournament can start between two players, usually known as a "Heads-Up". There is no limit for players to join a tournament and can go up to a thousand or even more.

A poker player uses his gaming skills to be in the last as a winner after the final heads-up, collecting all the chips in his own wallet. Payout works on a pre-defined roster where top players get the most out of the prize pool, depending on their ranking on the leaderboard.

General Features

There are certain basic setups required for any online poker software. In the gaming world, people consider these as general poker software features irrespective of game type, and tournament rules these features keep this game alive and authentic. These are the building blocks of online poker software on which the whole gaming operation relies. Some important features are listed here;

Game Type Filter

Filter the game type and table you would like to play. Select any one option from Texas, Omaha, and its variants. Sort your table on parameters like limit, stake, Buy-in, speed, etc. In some scenarios, the banner-based display makes it easier to join a specific game instantly.

Quick Seat

Easy to find a table of your matching criteria and click to join instantly. This 'Quick Seat" function works only for cash games and Single-table tournaments (STTs) to sit down straight away, or just choose your favourite table from the table listings available in the lobby.

Collusion Identification

An in-built Custom programmed "Collusion Prevention System" that works on mathematically designed algorithms, conditions, and combinations. This feature auto-detects players who collude and created a flag to the admin. Appropriate action can be taken to warn, restrict or ban from the system permanently.

RNG Certificate

Get your own RNG certificate with your brand identity. This poker software source code has already passed for RNG certification from many certification authorities like iTechlabs, Gaming labs, etc. Each module is independently tested to ensure fairness and randomization for flawless operation.

Detailed Reporting

Data-driven reports to review, analyse and predict your operation about chips, games, player behaviours, winning trends, etc. On-demand configured reporting for your online poker business decision is at your fingertips. Role-based access with quick downloading links makes it handier than ever.

Hand History Tracking

Automated real-time hand history tracking is very much required to understand the player's behaviour. It also provides a pre-verified logged proof for dispute resolution. The plain text version of hand history within dealer chat helps players to maintain their own private record-keeping for future reference and is helpful to make the game strategy.

Table Themes

Choose your own table theme style from pre-designed default theme variants. A personalized fresh custom theme can be ordered by paying additional to the default product price. For the new table theme, it is recommended to keep the layout similar to the default table.

Automated Payout

For a verified player, activate your auto payout functions via provided online payment gateways. Crypto payment support opens the door for global audiences to operate on a larger scale. Easy to switch to the manual payout from your admin dashboard for cash games.

Rake Calculation

House charges a fixed percentage, publicly defined as "Rake" from the total pot won after each finished hand. The rake transactions are recorded separately along with players and hand histories. A co-related separate calculation also happens for bonus and loyalty points.

Fraud Check

Designed to minimize the fraudster activities like Gnoming (activating multiple accounts on the same table), chip dumping (money laundering), Colluding (acting as co-players on the single table), and Bonus abuse, etc. It is recommended to follow strong passwords, KYC, and player identification at the micro level.

Bot Identification

Our in-built anti-bot solution works on a multi-source recognition algorithm to detect the bot patterns and signatures at deep layer tracking. As a package, it includes Unique device fingerprinting, Dynamic Turing Tests, JavaScript challenges and user behaviour analysis to find unusual activities.

Chip Dumping Identification

The advanced chip reporting algorithm analyses unusual transactions, that may happen intentionally by one or more players to a specific player. An autopilot event trigger raises a flag for such user behaviour which can be monitored by the admin user with legit due diligence. Manual confirmation is required to execute before applying the resolution.

Player Blocking

Privileged setting option for admin users to restrict a player for any reason which is unethical, illegal and not allowed on the platform. Users will be either deleted or paused for short time for internal verifications. Very important for real money games that add trust value among the player.

Cash Game Formats

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold'em is the world's most-played poker game type with two hole cards and five community cards. The dealer starts games by distributing playing cards to each player, starting with the player at a small blind position clockwise. The series of betting goes with these four rounds called preflop, flop, turn, and river. A player can make 4 actions call, raise, check and fold.

Omaha Poker

Omaha 4 card poker generally named Omaha poker is a similar game like Holdem poker with four hole cards and five community cards. The best five-card combination comes out from these nine cards instead of seven cards which happens in Holdem Poker. Based on betting limit there are three varieties called Pot Limit, No Limit, and Fixed limit Omaha poker. Based on hole card numbers there are other variants like Omaha 5, Omaha 6, and Omaha 7.

Reverse Hold'em

Reverse Hold'em is another type of regular Hold’em poker game with the same rules, card distribution, and with winning combinations. The core difference is about the community cards distribution that is dealt in reverse order, first on the flop, second on the turn, and rest three at the river.

Short Deck

Short deck hold’em, is another type of regular no-limit hold’em game that originated in Asia and is also known as six-plus hold'em. In the deck it has only 32 cards instead of 52 cards by removing 2's, 3's, 4's, and 5's cards means, 6 is the lowest card with an ace as the exception. Ace can be used either a high or low for a straight.

Boost Poker

Boost poker is a poker game type in which for each new hand, players play against new opponents. There is a pool of random players who join tables from different random tables. For example, a player who folds his card will be immediately moved to the next random table to take his seat until his hand is completed.

Run it Twice

Run is twice happens only in cash games which allows all-in players to see the community card twice. The pot was then divided into two, one for the first set community card winner and the other half for the second. The basic prerequisite, all the players must be all-in and they must agree to go run it twice.


The straddle in poker is an extra bet done by any player, at least twice the value of the big blind or even more before the cards are dealt on the table. This is an optional choice for players unlike small-blind and big-blind betting. Texas and Omaha are the famous poker games where this straddle activity happens.


In poker, the jackpot means the biggest prize won for a certain game or tournament. The poker jackpot winner must have the strongest possible winning cards or a specific winning combination (for example, four of a kind) defined by the organizer. Sometimes, the jackpot winner takes all the chips of a tournament.

Tournament Formats

Freezeout Tournament

A freezeout poker tournament is the most played tournament in which player purchase chips as buy-in to join the game and play until run out of all chips or become the winner of the tournament. In a freezeout poker tournament, each player gets the same chance to use their skill as they cannot rebuy again in the middle. Skill and strategy are the most important factor to be a winner.

Rebuy Tournament

Rebuy tournament facilitates players to buy more chips in a running game during the early blind levels. In some cases, there is a defined time duration at the start of the tournament when each player is allowed to buy more chips when their stack goes down below a level or when they run out of their all chips.

Re-entry Tournament

In the Re-entry tournament, as a player, you can join the same tournament even after losing all your chips. After leaving the table you can initiate your buy-in as a fresh player, to join the same tournament but on a different table. Most of the time organizer defines the number of re-entries as it cannot be endless practically.

Rebuy Addon (R+A) Tournament

In a rebuy addon tournament, all players get the last chance to add more chips to their stack like regular buy-in (generally more chips) without fees or bounties if available. The final add-on only appears once the regular rebuy period ends.

Freerolls Tournament

Freeroll tournaments are similar to freezeout but have no entry fee. Any player can register with his buy-in chips to join the tournament. Real money tournaments it has real awards defined by the tournament organizer with some special registration conditions. For example, you must have a promotional code to join the tournament.

Supported Currencies

Game Bonus

Game bonus refers to a chip reward for real money games that online poker companies offer to their players for free, along with the first deposit. This is only applicable to KYC-verified players who process their first deposit using the provided payment method.

Cash Bonus

A cash bonus is a type of reward that each player receives either occasionally or periodically, for regular game activities. It increases player retention and gives an opportunity for newbies to play more games hands with minimized risk.

Winning Bonus

Wining bonus is an additional reward, which can be received if you will be the winner of a particular game or tournament and allocated prior to the game start from the organizer. This kind of bonus helps game portals to promote specific events.

Instant Bonus

An instant bonus is a special type of takeaway that a player needs to earn as redemption points before it expires. Each portal has its own calculations and reward logic to define the bonus. It can be converted into real cash anytime and is eligible for withdrawal.

Locked Bonus

The chips collected by the players in addition to the chips purchased are considered as a locked bonus. Usually, this bonus cannot be used as real money or for withdrawal. After fulfilling certain conditions it can be converted to real money.

Additional Features

Promotion Section

A complete setup to offer different types of promotions like new signup, weekly rewards, and festive promotions to attract and retain the players. This is the base for branding and marketing activities.

Points Collection

It acts as a measure of how well a poker player has used his skill to win the hands and tournaments. More points collection indicates regularity and is a routine poker game player processing more deposits and cashouts.

Loyalty Program

A personalized approach to showcase the commitment to non-purchasing actions for activists such as more hands play, certain thresholds spending, new player referrals, KYC verifications, etc. Assign a monetary value to these points to your players and allow them to use in-game betting as a special gesture.

Player Level

It is an indicator of the player progression on the game platform leaderboard that accumulated on a number of games, winnings, deposits and other non -purchasing activities. A high score means that a particular player does more activities than other opponents.

Scratch Cards

Generate and print scratch cards directly from admin to increase the new signups, and referrals and attract new players who want a trial before their first deposit. Can use these cards as bonuses, prizes, and loyalty rewards.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Collect limited details such as the mobile number, email, and username of your players as per the gambling guidelines and local government rules. With customized input fields, the admin can enable/disable them according to the market demand and acceptance.

Private Tables

Set a personalized password-protected private table to invite your friends and family to participate as a closed group. Also, suited for the expert player's group to organize games as events for invited players.

Promotion Banners

Display the giveaways, signup bonuses, and promotions with attractive banners placed at the players' side interface, and managed by the admin dashboard. Very much effective to advertise your offers and discounts.

Poker Network

Create logins for agents, sub-agents, and affiliate users to set up your own poker network. Able to handle millions of players with micro-level data reporting, sorting, and filters by duration, game events, and tables.

Player Profile

Complete player profiling that includes images, avatar, game balance, deposit, cashout, etc. This can be customized as per the business logic according to the signup/login process. Web3 wallet integration can bypass these to covert it as a decentralized (partially) solution.