Poker is among the most widely played card games, enjoying immense popularity within the gaming industry. Initiating an offline poker gaming zone mandates compliance with regulations set by local authorities, with the procedures differing from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Creating a poker website involves a distinct process that is characterized by its ease, cost-efficiency, and scalability.

What is an online poker website?

An online poker website is a digital gaming platform accessible via the internet, providing a diverse range of poker games like Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Stud, and poker tournaments. Players can access online poker websites using their computers, mobile phones, and tablets. They have the option to purchase chips using credit cards, debit cards, and a variety of online payment methods including crypto wallets.

In offline mode, there are restrictions on hosting various poker games simultaneously, as well as limitations on the number of player seats available. An online poker website is the right solution for expanding your poker game business, facilitating online payments, enabling rapid withdrawals, and enabling cross-border game access.

What are the steps to start an online poker website?

Martin, a tech expert in the realm of poker game websites and a member of the pokerscript team, has explained a straightforward, 5-step process for establishing poker website. By following these steps, you can effortlessly make well-informed decisions and effectively expand your poker business within the beneficial realm of the digital landscape.

Finalize the poker jurisdiction

The initial stage involves choosing a poker gambling jurisdiction in which your company will be registered. When selecting a jurisdiction, several factors come into play, including reputation, the licensing process, initial setup fees, annual expenses, and applicable taxes.

Request for a license

Upon completing company registration, the subsequent step is to request a poker gambling license. This pivotal action not only provides access to bank accounts and an online payment gateway but also secures the requisite legal permissions for operating online poker.

Acquire the poker software

When establishing an poker website, it's crucial to acquire an online poker software solution that aligns with your business requirements and resonates with players. It should encompass a wide variety of well-liked poker games, a robust CRM system, and the capability to meet licensing prerequisites, including a verified RNG and stringent security protocols.

Promote the brand

The best way to generate awareness for your online poker website via social media, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, and potentially paid advertisements, all of which are designed to attract new players. It is also advisable to consider joining an existing online poker network to consolidate player liquidity from that platform.

Live customer support

Retaining players can be a challenging endeavor without the provision of immediate issue resolution. Maintain a dedicated team to offer guidance concerning payment deposits, withdrawals, and technical support in order to enhance player satisfaction.

To summarize, to start online poker website, you must follow these five essential steps starting with finalizing the jurisdiction, applying for a license, obtaining the poker software, promoting the brand, and providing live customer support to retain your players and ensure hassle-free gameplay.

Pokerscript offers a world-class online poker software. If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to guide you through every aspect of it.

How can I find the right poker software to start my online poker website?

The internet is flooded with numerous poker software options, as almost every gaming agency, software company, or casino operator offers their own poker software. For startups, selecting the right one can be a daunting task, involving the challenge of determining which solution is well-suited for their needs, cost-effective, and provides scalability opportunities for the future.

In general, you can discover three primary options, each with distinct setups.

White label online poker software

With white label online poker software, a poker game operator provides you a poker website complete with an admin panel, under an agreement to share the profits generated from players. The operator requires a setup fee for obtaining a gambling sub-license and enabling payment facilities.

Buy poker source code

In buy poker source code, you have the option to acquire the complete source code of your poker website from a poker game development company. The poker website will be hosted on your server, and you will hold full ownership of all components.

Build your own poker website

Hire a team of skilled poker game developers or multiple freelancers who can program the poker website according to your specific schedule, desired features, and design preferences. Before launching, it's crucial to conduct comprehensive testing.

Pokerscript is a well-known trusted poker game development company with extensive experience in setting up poker websites efficiently and effectively, requiring minimal investment and a shorter timeline.

The simplest and most cost-effective approach to starting an online poker website is by beginning with a white label poker software. This involves establishing your own branding, utilizing the operator's payment processor, and operating under their gambling license.

What are the tools and software required to operate my online poker website?

Once your online poker website is established, there are numerous other business activities that require your attention. These include tasks such as expanding your player base, managing payments and settlements, and implementing marketing strategies through social media, referrals, and customer support.

Listed below are the tools you can utilize to expand your online poker business.

Poker network

Poker is a multiplayer game that relies on a player pool, where participants compete against each other. Initially, you can join a poker network and enable your players to engage in games against other players within the network.

Poker CRM

A poker CRM facilitates you in managing players, agents, administering payrolls, and provides a panel to track chip and payment settlements. Within the poker CRM, you can establish various roles to assign tasks specific to each role.

Payment gateway

Choose a payment gateway that enables global payments through credit and debit cards and, if feasible, supports cryptocurrency payments. Multicurrency support and automated deposit and withdrawal processes are essential to build trust among online poker players.

Affiliate software

Sign up for affiliate software to generate affiliate links for attracting poker players and managing commissions. This tool is crucial for tracking online marketing performance effectively.

Support helpdesk

Setup an online poker helpdesk to address the support tickets raised by your players. This empowers you to devise strategies for reducing response times, a crucial element in retaining players.

By utilizing these online tools, you can enhance your team's efficiency and streamline various processes, making everything much more manageable. Pokerscript, an online poker operator, is the best choice to start online poker website, offering a comprehensive admin panel that provides crucial tools like poker network, poker CRM, affiliate panel, and helpdesk functionality, resulting in streamlined operations.

What is the future for online poker websites?

The online poker industry is experiencing the benefits of technological evolution and has welcomed these advancements with a positive attitude. The future for online poker websites looks promising, as we leverage blockchain technology, video streaming, live interactions, and virtual reality to enhance visibility, interactivity, and personalization.

Now, you can engage in online poker gameplay across multiple tables, make payments in local currency, and maintain anonymity through the utilization of blockchain wallets. This facilitates autonomy for players and offers flexibility to poker operators, enabling them to expand their business globally from the comfort of their offices.

In recent years, these trending features have elevated the players' experience to the next level.

Mobile first

According to the CMI 2020 reports, 76% of online poker players prefer using their mobile phones for playing poker games, leading poker websites to embrace a mobile-first approach.

Webcam and live chat

Using audio and video calling technology, players can now interact with each other during poker gameplay (video poker), replicating the experience of sitting side by side.

3D experience

With animations, avatars, and 3D designs, a 3D experience can be created, emulating the ambiance of a physical casino environment and giving players the feeling of participating in a live poker game.


The most significant change observed in online poker websites is the dominance of blockchain technology, which empowers players to use cryptocurrency wallets for payments while also ensuring their anonymity.

Virtual reality (metaverse)

Virtual Reality (VR) technology enables players to immerse themselves in a metaverse, providing them with the sensation of playing poker in a real-life setting.

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Pokerscript is a dedicated poker app development company that utilizes innovations and emerging technologies to enhance the efficiency of online poker games, ensuring players have an enriched experience. Our online poker websites are designed with a focus on the future, equipped with pre-configured setups that can easily integrate these trending features with just a few lines of code.

The Takeaway

This article covers everything necessary to address the question about starting an online poker website. In a general context, to start an online poker website, you need a poker gambling license, robust online poker software, and a capable team prepared to provide technical support and manage day-to-day operations. For startups, it's often not feasible to have everything in place initially. This is where we step in to assist them in every possible way required to successfully operate their online poker business. Contact us today and let's collaborate as a team to achieve success.

Frequently asked questions

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White label poker software is a pre-developed solution that allows you to launch your online poker website under your branding, utilizing a ready-made platform while customizing it to your preferences.

The future of online poker is promising, with advancements like VR technology, blockchain integration, and interactive features reshaping the player experience and industry landscape.

To select the appropriate poker software, consider factors like game variety, player experience, scalability, security features, and licensing compatibility.

Starting an online poker website involves steps like obtaining a poker gambling license, acquiring suitable poker software, setting up payment gateways, and implementing effective player management tools.

Employ marketing strategies like affiliate programs, social media promotion, and offering enticing bonuses to attract and retain players.

Mobile compatibility is crucial, as a significant portion of players prefer accessing poker games through their mobile devices. A mobile-friendly interface enhances user experience and engagement.

Blockchain technology offers transparency, security, and anonymous transactions, making it a preferred option for payments and enhancing trust in online poker platforms.

A poker CRM aids in player management, payment processing, and support ticket resolution, improving overall operational efficiency and player satisfaction.

An affiliate panel helps you manage partnerships, track referrals, and reward affiliates, contributing to the growth of your player base.

Pokerscript offers a comprehensive solution, including white label poker software, advanced tools, and expert guidance to help you establish and manage a successful online poker venture.